Moira Voice Line: Low Resource

There was a thread on this (only one surprisingly) back in the old forums that suggested having a voice line for Moira that plays when her resource is low.

I wanted to bring the suggestion back (I’d give credit to original poster but forgot username). It would be a great QoL change, and let my teammates know not to push in too far and have an idea of how much healing I have left.

It’s hard to tell whether you’re healing as Moira to begin with, so having this addition would at least compensate for that.


It would be great if she said “I’m getting out of heals”.

Just like when Ana throws a nade she says: “This will help” and everyone hears that.

Same with Mercy: “I can’t Rez now” or so.


I saw a post like this on the old forums. I don’t play Moira but I would love to have a line that lets my team know we have to help the Moira refuel her resources.

They are adding “help me” voice lines to the rest of the supports, so if they could do this as well it would be great.


This, as well as a way for Mercy to tell her res is on cooldown would really help.


I think this would be a very nice idea. Reinhardt has something similar when his shield starts to get low. I think it’s “I can’t hold on for much longer!”?

Yes! It would basically be the equivalent to Reinhardt’s voice line when his shield is breaking. I don’t know at which HP point it triggers the line but it would work similarly with Moira. Maybe have it activate once there’s only a third left?


Yes please. Same way Reinhardt has a line when his shield is failing Moira should have one so her fellow teammates know


gotta strike a good balance though we cant have our ears flooded with audio cues from the enemy ults, friendly callouts, and tons of hero interaction/callouts.

Yeah, we’ve talked about adding this one as well in the future!


Wow, I didn’t expect a response! I’m kinda freaking out actually :grin:

Can’t wait to see it in game! Thanks!


Yeaaaaaah boiiii!(cant like because you wont Let me share the luuuuv)

Since the Beta I’m thinking about this but on Lucio 's CD or on Rein’s Shield. (because even on ranked not all players are on voice chat and no time to type when your ability will be ready.

Yeah, but it would be nice if you could press a button and he says it when you wanna rest your sheild :slight_smile:

This is great news everyone

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And what about a nerf?

You opportunistic…

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But if she is not healing you, well, that fact does not matter. If Moira is not healing, it is because they choose not to or they have ran out. A spammy voiceline will just make more “Audio Mess” and not change the fact you still died. Please, no.

Maybe we can see a small indicator of just how much healing Moira has left on top of the added voiceline? Just a small half circle that could replace the chevron above the character’s head that empties just like it does when actually playing the character? Just a thought.

yes let’s make moira even easier she’s clearly too hard right now QQ