Moira Voice Line: Low Resource

And then after that we can talk about getting her a new sit emote since her current one is just a copy of her prepping Biotic Orb and crouching. :unamused:

thank god. i keep typing “oom” when im low lol.

Think about it, she will be behind you… a visual indicator is useless. Nothing needs to be added. If your Moira is not healing, she is either a DPS Moira or she is out of resource, it is not Rocket Surgery.

How exactly would this “make her even easier”?

It’s just a QoL change. But I guess the Moira haters love to grasp onto straws and find anything they can to not like her.

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No one here is saying it’s “Rocket Surgery.” I made a QOL suggestion and a visual indicator would be helpful if she is in your LOS and are wondering why she’s dealing damage instead of healing in a fight. It will also keep the team from instantly jumping on Moira assuming she’s DPS-ing only if they see that she can’t even heal in the first place.

I also see you even argued against the voiceline addition with the reason of it being an “audio mess.” This is an easily solvable case by simply lowering the rate at which she says it just like when Rein’s shield is breaking. It does not change the fact that you died, but it does shut the people up who instantly assume they aren’t getting healed.

Maybe they could tie it to her reload key ®. Press R and tell your team how much biotic energy you have, she doesn’t currently use that key anyways.

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I think Moira is ok balance wise. I just don’t think she needs yet another thing to lower her skill floor.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how a voiceline would lower her skill floor. It’s not a buff or a nerf, so it adds nothing more than information. It’s like saying being able to see hacked healthpacks lowers Sombra’s skill floor when it doesn’t.

instead of learning when to stop healing, you’re asking for blizz to hold you hand and tell you when to manage your resources.

The voiceline would be to help your team, like “I’m low on Biotic Energy, be smart with your life.” or “Don’t engage until I can regenerate my resources.” Its info for your team to play around.

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It was my understanding that the information is not meant for Moira herself. It’s meant to tell the teammates when she’s running out of heals.

oh, like rein’s shield? mb, thought you meant she should get a notification whenever she runs low on heals. To teamamates it would be fine though.

She does need that, there are times when I’m not able to heal because they pushed too far. It not the fact that I wasted my resources but the team pushed ways too far ahead and Moira was unable to heal the damage they taken. the heal orb sometimes does the trick but it takes 10 seconds to get it back and pushing too much wastes Moira’s resources like to said.

Yes please! Moira really needs it.

I wonder what she’ll say though.

I wish I could somehow indicate to the genji spammin I NEED HEALING I NEED HEALINGI NEED HEALINGI NEED HEALING that the heals are out, go get a healt pack. Unlike any other healer, Moira can actually run out of heals and a Genji player can be as smart as a left boot.

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Would love a “You Require More Vespene Gas” line honestly. Please <3

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I’m 99.99% certain that’s me you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue: I remember calling it healing juice and saying a voice line would be great… Although I can’t find the thread any more