Mei And Reaper buff speculations

An alt fire would be pretty sweet for reaper, but I think they might do something with his wraith form since moira now just has a faster (and in some ways better) version of it.

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I could imagine them making it so Reaper goes invisible when Wraithing to make him a proper flanker

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The ability to cancel Wraith Form would be nice, but I really hope it isn’t the only buff Reaper gets (assuming he’s even getting this buff in the first place).

This wouldn’t give Reaper the mobility or versatility needed for him to escape F-tier and compete with the other DPS heroes.


Since youre lurking and looking to boost Reaper’s ability to deal with multiple tanks, you can consider some sort of passive buff for every character with over 250 health in his proximity. Say anything over 2 characters with 251+ hp in his area give him a frenzy (move speed, atk speed, reload speed, or damage) buff per character, thus making him scale against tank comps, or during Brigetta/Lucio ultis.

If you wanted to attach some gameplay element to this to make it more engaging, or allow for counter play windows, that would be even better. Say a small channel time where he amps himself up before going in. Add an audio queue so the enemy knows a frenzy reaper is coming in.

Seriously consider allowing Reaper to have a Max Payne roll where he can shoot a few times into his shadow on the floor and reappearing where his teleport was placed previously

This is true, I said I was concerned about a change like this for that reason. However, with an increased recovery time before he can fire there is still a good window of time for counter-play, even with an early cancel.


Something along the lines of Sombra’s decloak time?

So what about Mei? She need something interesting too :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

I think it’d be neat to combined Wraith form and Shadowstep into one ability, to make it more like the cinematic.

While in wraith form, you can travel super fast towards your E (Shadowstep) location, but the range is shortened. Using Shadowstep outside Wraithform would act the same as it does now.

This…feels like a nerf. Unless there’s more to it that I’m not seeing.

You can cancel Wraith earlier…but you can’t shoot then.
And the delay still there if you wait out Wraith’s full timer?

So, you’re becoming vulnerable to damage sooner…for no reason.
Is that correct?


Frozone mei please. I know you said you guys didnt like it. But frozone mei…

before you buff mei, can please, PLEASE fix her bugs? otherwise the buffs are going to do nothing: the Cryo freeze bug where she can be killed yet when she is inside of Ice Block or how her ult (snowball) get stuck in surfaces bouncing like a crazy ping pong ball without start the ult? or the delay in ice wall when players can still hitting mei yet when the ice wall was fully deployed?

PLEASE… otherwise no buffs can help mei to be a little more viable. Alot of those bugs have now 2 Years… 2 LOOONG Years without being adressed, the cryo cleansing took 1 full year, really need take so long to fix?


So you’re increasing the period in which he can’t fire coming out of it? Might be good might be bad, still don’t see why he needs a longer recovery period when he’s already got one and similar heroes don’t have to have a period like that. Tracer and Genji don’t really have to deal with any sort of downtime, with the former more relevant since she can get closer and do about the same damage. We’ll see once it’s on ptr.

What’s the deal with shadowstep, is it still gonna be buggy as hell?


It might be a net buff if the mode gets a speed buff and the resource bar like we’d hoped. If it’s more like the DVA booster and it only gains being cancel-able with a negative trade off of having a longer vulnerability window then I dunno. Will have to test it, probably on a live server.

Biggest game changer will be shadowstep changes/rework and a shot spread reduction imho. I’m optimistic about the ult changes since apparently that was on the radar already.

Wait, but that makes the buff entirely pointless.


I don’t think there’s a resource bar or speed boost coming.

Geoff, have you guys ever experimented with Mei stopping, or at the very least reducing the effectiveness of movement abilities like Dash or Blink while Mei is freezing heroes?


Can u tell us how long the recovery time will be? Hopefully not to long as he is a big and slow moving target. Even in WF


No… please just remove Genji from being able to cancel out of his deflect while you are at it. More people able to cancel out of their stuff into other abilities leads to unfair advantages that you can’t counter.

This is a BAD mechanic to utilize further than you already have in the game. Please reconsider how abilities will work in the future with this in mind.