MAJOR Game-Breaking Audio Issues! 🔊


Look at this video. Listen closely at the start for Widow’s footsteps, easy to notice right? Then, see if you can hear the Mei’s footsteps at all before she kills me.

As you can see in the killcam, the Mei wasn’t crouch-walking, she just walked right up and freeze killed me. No footsteps, no time to react, just instant death. My sound effect settings are at max with voice/music volume down to half. I’ve checked on different devices and the lost audio is the same (high quality Sennheiser headphones, 5.1 Surround sound, laptop, smartphone, etc.). And this isn’t the FIRST time this has happened, and I’m not the only one.

This audio priority issue and the disappearance of certain sound effects has been affecting many people on different platforms over the past few weeks, and there have been multiple posts popping up describing the experience:

It goes without saying that not being able to hear footsteps of enemies who are extremely dangerous at close quarters like McCree, Reaper and Mei is practically a death sentence.

But it gets worse. This lost audio has been affecting everything from highlight intros, to emotes, to even ults. Players have described not hearing a McCree ult getting announced and dying as a result. I personally experienced getting killed by an unannounced Hanzo dragon ult.

There is something majorly wrong and buggy with the audio in the game right now. If you too are experiencing sound effect cut outs or deprioritization of important sounds, post about it here. Blizzard needs to give this issue attention pronto, because players are dying and potentially losing matches as a result.

Missing Audio Issues AGAIN :mute:
Reaper audio cues
[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

Hanzos food steps are very quiet too, for a hero with 250 crit damage they seems very quiet :wink: also jumping/landing is much lauder.

But yes I find my self dead before the announcements finish lately a lot or not even hear the pulse bomb till it explode. I wish ults would also show up in the kill feed, this would help a lot.


Exactly, it happens with Hanzo’s footsteps as well, check out this other video where I trip a Venom Mine which doesn’t make the explosion sound effect (so the only indication is the coughing), I go chase the Widow and you can hear her machine gun easily, but a Hanzo who comes running in next to me is basically inaudible like a floating ghost.