Lost Connection to Server

Been losing connection to server randomly since yesterday evening (June 15th), around 9pm pst. Happened again today at 2:08pm pst.

I was in a duo stack and happened to the both of us at the same time. We are both in West Coast servers in Canada. We do not live together so it is not issues with the internet.

Just happened again at 2:47pm pst while loading into a competitive game. Lost SR and suspended for 30 minutes. I can still talk to people on Battlenet chats while this is happening, so it is only a problem with the Overwatch servers.

Happened in both arcade servers and competitive servers. Anyone else have similar issues?

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Yep, been happening to me to. And it’s not my internet either.

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This has happened 2 times now in the past hour. My internet has not gone out and my Lag only goes up to 78ms when the “failed to connect to server” shows up.

Hey lordbjörn,

A bunch of other players using Telus in Canada have reported similar issues so please post a WinMTR test in this thread so we can get this further investigated.

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I’m having this issue and I’m not on TELUS’ service.

well, its happening to me for the past month now, and on my thread they give me some wird reason that there is a spike in ping which was on the the 5th hub , the ping on that hub was around avg 100 which is normal for me as i live in Dubai and the closest server is Singapore so 100 Ping on the hub that connect to the singapore server is fine.

and my WinMTR shows packet loss on Blizz server, but hey its always my computer, ISP, etc

I also have this issue. Expect its not just at the end of the match. It has happened right at the start before i can even pick a hero and at the end. Also the middle a couple times. My problem is that it wont even let me reconnect after i open OW right away and try to rejoin. This last time it also suspended me. Why can I not rejoin the comp match?

That’s all well and good, but I’d like my 100 SR back (two disconnects) as well as my suspension lifted.

Unfortunately, they don’t overturn SR loss, for any reason, ever. More info: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

Cant even enter a match. It drops while at the queue.

I cant even get into overwatch, I
just get kicked out


Happened to me twice last night. My ping spiked to 600ms+ right before and got kicked out of the game while I was able to watch OWL on my ipad on HD. Both times my other internet activity wasn’t affected so it’s not my internet. I had to restart battlenet in order to rejoin back the game. Btw, I’m in NA east coast.

Latency or disconnect issues with one game doesn’t mean it can’t be your internet. The internet consists of many different servers and routes to get data across. The problem could be anywhere on your connection from point A to Z, even when you can just browse the internet. Certain games also don’t like packet loss and you will lose connection if there is too much of that happening. You will hardly or not at all notice this checking a website or watching a stream.

That’s true. But out of all of these years of OW, I have never had this issue except when my internet is down. Clearly last night my internet was fine and only had problem with OW. I will play it again tonight and if the same thing happens again then something is definitely wrong.

Hey all,

As earlier mentioned, the original two players in this thread were having an error we’re investigating with Telus communications. Most of the rest of you are having entirely different issues. You should check this post and create your own thread or contact support if it doesn’t help.

Locking this thread to keep it from becoming more convoluted.