LOL! Cya 2cp! You won't be missed!

Just head the news. PARIS & HORIZON GONE FROM QP!!! :rofl:

Think about how much better our queues are going to be now? Reasons this is a good thing:

  • queue times will improve as people will spend less time map dodging Paris/HLC
  • play sessions will improve as you now get offered more of the maps you want
  • the nice ‘feeling’ knowing 2cp is finally getting the…treatment…it deserves… :slight_smile:

What a great day, I think I’ll login and try the new queues! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to come home and play knowing I won’t have round 1 Paris/Horizon backfill

Life might be a little worth it, gamers


IKR? It’s like one of the first maps I usually get every play session is Paris or Horizon… :rofl:


Took what 2.5 years to do the right thing… but I ain’t complaining…


Because the game detects fresh blood, untilted and ripe for backfilling


I can’t believe it took so long but with OW2 fast approaching I think they’re finally cleaning house… :slight_smile:

OMG! I’ve had the same thought myself. It’s like “hey they just logged in, give em some 2cp, quick! Their tolerance is still high!” :rofl:


Walking simulator, without the need to have 360 awareness so I can just not pay attention and point and shoot


Pity they didn’t also delete Havana.


…better than stand at the choke simulator LOL! :rofl:

I think it gets a bad rap…

…that said, points 1 & 3 could definitely use a little more cover… :slight_smile:


If we change a little into a lot we can agree :+1:

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Never stood at a choke point, always used a hero that could get through and take my team with me. Those maps just needed more thinking to get through.


You don’t =/= the playerbase. In QP 2cp was a nightmare:

  • attackers standing at chokes doing nothing
  • defenders bored to tears shooting at the same choke for 4 minutes

Defend it all you want but it’s going, going, gone! :slight_smile:

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It’s going to be hilarious for the rest of 2022 as people are rewarded with more Anubis and Volskaya :rofl:

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havana is actually another good example of a map that has a bad reputation even though theres nothing actually wrong with it…

its hated because its sniper friendly…theres nothing wrong with the map…people just dont like playing against snipers OR arent willing to change their playstyle in order to compete against that

does being friendly to a specific set of skills make it a bad map? or is it bad because people just dont want to play that way?


Every light casts a shadow…thus we must suffer the reality of the good news…more Anubis/Volskaya… :frowning:

Subjective opinion… :wink:

Nice contradiction in the same sentence lol!

Ruins is a ‘sniper friendly’ map. The difference, there’s adequate cover… :wink:

Havana point 1 and 3 lack the cover needed considering the long sight lines for the defenders… :wink:

2cp isn’t gone, Volskaya, Hanamura and Temple of anubis are still a thing y’know?

while the maps themselves aren’t a living nightmare, the game mode is still pretty much the same

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yeah…“sniper friendly” doesnt make a map bad…just like bunker friendly or dive friendly wouldnt make a map bad either…

whats adequate cover?? cause theres plenty of cover…whether or not people use it is a different question…its all part of the game…alternatively you could play snipers yourself…but now you have a different problem…ie - “i dont wanna” - and by proxy map is “bad”

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sighs ok, let’s compare!

Ruins (Koth map):

  • house/cover-mega either side of point approach
  • 2 pillars and low cover each side of point
  • point is ‘sunken’ can hide around walls
  • etc etc

Havana (Payload map) - point 1:

  • payload attack has no cover for 15m either side of it until it reaches the first bend
  • to push payload you need either a shield or to cower under the payload and not fight :wink:

There’s always that person. I know that obviously but the title is catchier (and not total clickbait)… :wink:

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Be very funny if they bring these maps back for April Fools

that person being you right? the sensationalist who just wants attention on a forum