Limited skins should be available yearly for sale, as well as

I recently started playing Overwatch again in the last week, after stepping away for nearly a year. In that time I see the game has had limited skins released such as Mercy Breast Cancer skin and Championship skins.

The last time I seriously played it was to collect the Widowmaker Kerrigan skin, which I came to discover now missing from my account, when I contacted support they told me this is a known issue but there is no way to add it back to my account or outright buy it.

This makes no sense to me as both a gamer and investor.

As a casual overwatch player, I find this frustrating. I totally appreciate the seasonal skins and how they are limited to a season - but I do not understand why other skins such as champsionship sales cannot include skins from last year.

As an investor, I see no reason why you’d want to limit potential avenues of profit with exclusive digital content to such small windows. I’ve noticed many new players still joining the game and restricting their ability to purchase skins from previous events by simply not having owned the game at that time and not making them available again at a later date makes no sense to me. A sale is profit, profit increases share value. Share value increases my investment.

More so for casual gamers such as myself, I think you should allow purchase of in-game currency. I would rather spend 20$ for 2000 currency and buy the skin or item I want then 20$ on random loot boxes that don’t provide me with an item I want. Yes I know the cost to value ratio is better with random loot boxes, but again as a casual player with a disposable income I’d rather just pay directly for what I want and imagine a fair amount of other people would as well.


I understand it’s frustrating, but it’s limited tine only for a reason. I get that it would be nice to have it yearly, but it’s not going to happen. They make it limited time only so it’s special.


What about the word “limited” do you not understand?


You missed the event. You missed the skin. Don’t try to convince them to change it because you weren’t here. They did that to Officer after all the hoops I jumped through to earn it. If you missed the last train home, whose fault is it?


There are only 11 skins out of 498 that are exclusive. Those 11 aren’t coming back just because someone missed them.

Edit: actually more since I didn’t include the anniversary skins.


The forum never stops to amaze me…


The replies here really surprise me, we are talking about a digitally created item that in no form or way is limited. Its a literal infinite resource that blizzard could easily repackage every year FOR money.

On top of that, I want this game to make money and as an investor I want it to do everything it can to generate income. There is nothing stopping them from re-releasing skins JUST like other major online competitive games do such as League of Legends during special events.

Furthermore what is wrong with re-releasing skins every year? They do it with seasonal skins, why not championship skins or have another breast cancer fun raiser every year?

Its like you guys are against them re-releasing skins for people who didnt own or play the game at certain times as a kind of punishment.

This is not a train, or some sort of life lesson. It is a digital commodity that can be sold and bought at any time - they have no reason to limit its sale or availability to a week one time, in one year.

This is by far not the only Blizzard product that does this too, I recall others complaining about limited Hearthstone hero classes being released on twitch ect for free or leveling up in warcraft, ect. I think those promotions are great, but again Blizzard Activision is a business and I believe that for those of us that don’t have time because we work full time, play casually should have the option to spend real money on items such as these and to increase company revenue.

So far the argument against seems to be if you don’t play constantly and miss event skins then it your fault, no matter what is happening in your life at the time. That just sounds selfish and elitist, nor is it good business sense.


There’s things in Warcraft that are no longer accessible. From mounts, to outfits, to everything else imaginable. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.


I’m pretty sure a business that has been around for 15 years would have figured out exclusives were pointless if they actually were. They make plenty of money making exclusives, and the fact they have them in all games is even more reason to know they aren’t coming back.

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They should be available again, but at a super high premium price that can only be bought with real money. No in game currency. For example, the price should be at least 50 or higher.

Yes limited time event sales do generate more because it creates a need people suddenly want to fulfill, but for new players it can also be very alienating too.

WoW is a perfect example of that, per the price comment above $50 is a way to much to ask for a skin simply skin that was given out for free two years ago. That is form of punishment to new players again, and creates alienation and feelings of elitism from the community.

I never heard of this one before, but they should be able to give it back if they can see you originally had that skin.

I would try using contact again.

Honestly the only legacy skin that i think should still be available is the pink mercy skin, which could still only be acquired by donating to charity, I think it’d be nice to have something in game that goes to charity year round.


I doubt they would do that again. I’m sure they are intelligent enough to know that many people donated just to buy the skin. What is the point in donating if I already have all if the products they are selling? If they do BCRF again, it will be a new skin and not Mercy.


I did contact Blizz support and they saw that I had it, but they had no way to add it back. They confirmed it’s a bug but there is no fix for it.

And they can’t add it back to my account because of the way “limited” events add items to the account make it so they cannot be added at a later time unless a new promotion is created.

Personally I hope they do another charity event, even if the make a different skin. I donated 4 times during the event last year and would happy to donate more if they bring another charity event in.

And…you are trying to move mountains to get some…

Like if they where not so special, why bother trying to get them?

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Weird. Very weird.

How many times have you tried contacting them?

I would as well, but only if it was a new product line. That’s pretty much the whole point of exclusives, and especially mercy. They wouldn’t be anywhere near the total amount they got last year if they brought Pink Mercy back. Give me another hero, literally any of them will do.


Per BCRF, they could add the option to get either the new skin or the old skin. Very simply to do and provides choices both for players and business point of view.

Its for charity after all.