Limited skins should be available yearly for sale, as well as

You keep mentioning profit as your main argument. You said several times that it would be more profit to let new people buy them.

I don’t think you are taking into account the fact that the limited availability actually makes a lot of money. As you said the limitation is artificial and they could just make more but the scarcity makes people less reserved about spending money.

The next time a limited skin comes around, as somebody who is upset about missing out, what are you going to do? You will probably bust out your wallet and snag that exclusive stuff because you don’t want to miss out again.

Now say they announce that it will be coming back every year. Maybe you don’t feel such an urgency to buy? Maybe you say “Well if I really want it I can always pick it up next year.” And potentially do not buy it.


The artificial scarcity makes people more willing to shell out money which = profit.


Just today, I just started playing again this week and noticed it missing when I went to play widow over the last few days.

Sorry, but they won’t. They could decide to never make another exclusive and that’s fine, but once they said the current 11 exclusive skins were exclusive, they are bound to that. No matter how badly anyone wants them back, they can’t and they won’t.


I agree with all the above, however from my understanding Riot re-releases their digital championship skins only once a year and they make a ton of money because again people might have missed them and new players might want them.

So yes limited creates incentive to purchase it at the time, but if Overwatch is going to be around for 10 years they need to think about new players too.

In such case as a new player say to overwatch in 3 years, I see all these exclusive skins released over the last few years and then spend a ton of money on them when they become available at whatever point of time (championships, ect).

I think a lot of these arguements I’m seeing are based off the idea that Overwatch player base isn’t growing and if it ISN’T then I guess it doesn’t matter because the game will be dead but from my undertanding the game is still selling well enough. And if Blizzard manages to keep Overwatch on air as an e-sport over the next decade that will attract new players too.

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This is a good point because if they go back on their word with existing exclusives, they might make a quick buck right now, but it will ultimately cost them in the long run.

If they re release anything then future exclusives may not sell as well because people won’t believe it is actually exclusive. They will think “they re-released the other ones, they might do that with these too.”

And then that profitable fear of missing out is gone.


Those skins on the other hand show how long one has been playing. I am proud of all the skins and icons i have.
Making then availeble again will make me stop buying them.

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Ok and why are you so against the idea of new players getting skins they missed out on? It seems like you and others here just want to deny new players that option as some form of punishment for not playing now.

More so I don’t understand why thats fine as you put it. How is that fine for me? Because I play casually and only have a finite time to play games in general that means I should be punished by blizzard for not being connecting with all their games 24/7?

Honestly that doesn’t make me want to purchase their games if they are going to punish my for it…as an investor my mouth is hanging open.

How do you resell a pre order bonus fairly?
Anything that isn’t pre order, is unfair imho. :sweat_smile:

Same imho with things like 2018 all stars.

The riot skins aren’t exclusive, if they return each year.
And therefore not the same as like 2018 all star or widow noire. Which have a bit of exclusivity to them. Beeing preorder or optaining during the 2018 all stars event.


And this


You basicly need to log in on one day of the event, buy the skin/ do nothing/ do the short chalange and you are fine… it dose not take ages to get them when they are availebel…

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Pretty much. You’d think someone claiming to be an investor would be more worried about the integrity of the business to make more money than new players getting skins.

It’s almost like I care about Blizzards integrity on the matter. They are a (relatively) well respected and trusted business, no matter what the forums would have you believe. I don’t have the exclusive skins because I missed out on some, but I’m not going to complain because I know for a fact their customer trust would actually be shattered if they released skins they told buyers were exclusive.

I’m just not greedy. If new players weren’t around, that’s just too bad.

Then dont.

Considering you care more about new players feelings than Blizzards integrity, I have a really hard time believing this.


I disagree that new players are going to shell out a bunch of money.

Now this is just me, but if I know something is going to be available in loot boxes I think “Eh, I’ll unpack one from my free loot boxes eventually.” Or maybe I’ll get enough currency to buy it.

I have never bought loot boxes or anything because the game is pretty generous with that stuff. I have tons of legendary skins.

Now if they came out with an exclusive limited promotion with a skin for a hero I really wanted, I would whip out my credit card right then and there because I know I can’t get it later.


Well keep in mind this whole issue started/reason I posted this topic was BECAUSE I had the Kerrigan skin for widowmaker and because of a known/confirmed bug by Blizz support in my talk with them - its no longer on my account.

Following all the replies here - I will never have a chance to re-add it to my account because I shouldn’t be allowed to since it was only available once.

Wouldn’t you guys find this frustrating too if you were in my shoes?

Sure, but that is a “blizzard not being able to add something back that you had” problem, not a “new player wasn’t around 2 years ago for exclusive thing” problem.

A bug isn’t a good enough reason to bring back exclusives, nor is missing out on them because you weren’t around. Sorry


How about you bombard the tec support instead of asking for all exclusive skins back?

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It’s not about punishing new players. It’s about making being around from the beginning feel like it means something.

I only have one exclusive thing on my account and it is the Kerrigan widow skin. I am proud of that skin. It feels cool that I got a special reward for playing the game at that time.

There will probably be more in the future for new people to collect too.


I’m not sure how that will change things, the person I talked to told me they are aware of the issue but have no way of fixing it. It needs to be fixed from a coding level I imagine/game patch/ect.

I’m not sure what contacting support over and over will do other then maybe get me in trouble for contacting support with the same issue over and over? I honestly don’t even know.

More then going to the forum.

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Yes it seems pretty clear this guy has a case of “Wants what he can’t have.”

He is just throwing the investor thing around as an excuse.


Ironically they told me to post on the forums too, that was there idea.

I have all but bastion and Winston Blizzcon skins. Mine are absolutely important to me and show I went the extra step to support the game when the opportunities came around. New people will get theirs too.

And there will be plenty more. Blizzcon is still going to do skins, there will be more charities, more lore events. Plenty of other exclusives to get.

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