Leeked patch notes, sauce included

From the ol’ DM range nerf, I know 5 meters is small, so 2 meters must be miniscule.

I don’t care if Roadhog gets a rework or not.
I’m just repeating what we know from Keller and Dawson. On the stream from Flats and Emongg for the Dec 15 patch, Dawson said “Sometimes mid january, there is going to be a patch that does change Roadhogs ability to oneshot”
This “leak” doesn’t show that at all, it doesn’t change the problem.

here the source:

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Of course I am.

This whole thread is a joke.

Looks fake.

If this was real people would still complain about Roadhogs one shot and then eventually get nerfed again. Widow is useless. Sojourn becomes a weaker version of soldier 76. And much more.

it wasn’t a good sauce

I wish this patch was real

I just want y’all to realize that people will post anything just for a reaction…

Pls be mindful and take things with a grain of salt until it’s actually proven.

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