Leeked patch notes, sauce included

Glorious :star_struck:

What does suzu do then?

never said he needed a nerf to begin with

this cant be real
sombra suck and they are gonna double nerf?

All of these changes look like someone’s wishlist to dumpster heroes they don’t like. What’s with that random Hanzo buff to an already annoying ability?

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These are really bad, like not understanding how the game plays bad. If a Dev actually wrote these patch notes they would be laughed out of the building. They are fun to discuss but dont take these changes seriously.


The amount of people in this thread that think these are good patch notes show how incredibly stupid this community is.

These are fake anyway.


I’ve been trying to read it this whole time with all the grammar errors and things that don’t make sense, yet wonder more how there is even a conversation behind it.

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That’s because some of the changes are halfway reasonable suggestions while other are not.

  • Hog is a very minor nerf. It seems suitable to lower hook range to allow him more counterplay from range. Along with hitting breather by 1sec.
  • Orisa is showing to be pretty powerful, so making terra surge killable seems like a viable strategy since I rarely ever see Orisa actually die with all the damage reduction and healing and no CC to stop it. Therefore, combo’ing it with fortify makes a lot of sense. It allows it to be useful while needing to commit cooldown with it.
  • Rama ult is a power point. It coming up less frequently will always be a viable method. Increasing the movement speed is honestly what took him from okay, to being a solid contender. Moving back the speed buff seems good, but I think Blizzard would have done it by like 10% rather than 5%.

Sure, but if they’re saying “these patch notes are good” to me it implies they’re talking about the notes in their entirety. If half of the changes are ludicrously horrendous, while the good changes are just some minor tweaks to heroes that needed it, the changes are still easily a net negative.

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As someone who abuses Roadhog, yes he does. He needs to not be able to do the combo, as that’s what the most outrage comes from. It makes sense, a point blank shot from a weapon like that would kill anyone IRL, but it’s just a game.

What? This “patch note” is a triple buff for sombra lol.
Longer silence duration = good
5s hack duration = good (means you’re able to rehack that person sooner).
Kiriko cleanse removed from suzu = means less counters to sombra hack/emp.

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Railgail is hated by literally everyone and insta save suzu is also an overwatch 2 special which instantly mitigates any other players abilities.

Devs need to get it into their head no ability should be an instant win or save, zaria you need to time bubbles, rein you need to position to save people with shield, dva is feast or famine with her ult. Every ult or ability requires skill apart from

magic meg can mitigate literally everything no matter the other players skill, positioning,
Ram can just hold forward and miss half his punches and still get a wipe because his ult literally never ends lol

Its bad game design, it feels bad to play against much like orisa going through shields feels terrible and we can not have abilities like that in a game with a community who is literally too stupid to realize hog is hard countered by dva

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Rein might actually be able to kill Orisa now. not sure which one I like more.
not getting booped away, or not having to deal with two fortifies.

fair, rammattra is very good, and it was because of the speed.
he wasn’t very stong without it so a slight nerf makes sense.

I really want to see him gutted, or a drastic rework to take a breather.
It is frustrating fighting him as any character without stuns or burst damage.
blizzard said they didn’t want hard counters, and yet hog is near impossible to kill without, ana, or some other character with stuns, and bust damage. I would suggest, stun resistance like orisa during take a breather, and instead of healing he generates over health. this means he can “heal” even while antied while also not being able to carry any health into the rest of the fight, he would need to get healed. stun resistance to remove another weakness and make him the best face tank in the game. ignoring orisa that is.

headshot is now 225, this is a mercy buff btw.

I think this is fair, but I hate being on the receiving end of hack.
atleast no more chain hacking tanks.

This is so weird, and sojourn’s kit is going to feel empty without an altfire.
Maybe they replace it at a latter date?

hanzo buffs just what I wanted… but honestly Not my least favorite character to fight so meh.

ana buff btw, like a huge one.

I hope you are being sarcastic…

What saucery is this?!

I find it hilarious that people are fully expecting a hog rework with this patch. Historically how long has the team taken to rework heroes? Even soft reworks. It took them several years to soft rework sombra and bastion. You really think Hog is getting a rework in some random mid season patch?

These nerfs sound reasonable especially if the Kiriko changes are legit. It makes perfect sense to nerf hog now as a place holder until the rework comes through than just slap a rework together on short notice that introduces even ore issues and imbalance.

They probably meant 2.0, typo

Dont forget widow has 2.5 dmg on crit
So she deal 225 on full charged hs

Girl this patch is so obviously fake how do y’all believe this :skull:

They would never straight up remove Sojourn’s alt fire. Not to mention the literal main point of next patch is to REMOVE Roadhog’s one shot capability entirely, which does not happen at all in this “leaked” patch lol