Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under "Bug fixes"?

Forgive me, but that’s such a weak cop-out excuse. If they never intended Mercy to be able to damage-boost ults like Dragonstrike, why was she able to do this from day 1?! THAT is not a bug at all! Just call it what it is, a nerf!


If you never wanted them to be designed like that then why did you wait two years to fix it?


But Mercy has been able to boost dragonstrike from day 1

It only got “fixed” cause there was an uncounterable meta around it.


Because why not add more lies onto the “Rework Success” Mercy pile?

Tbqh the amount of lies they give to justify abusing Mercy players is astounding.


Word it how you want, they were better with. Especially Moira.

Unless the “bug fix” is so sacred as to leave her in a “why play me over Mercy” situation.

Maybe don’t nerf what is working, even if you think it a bug

I still think Moira’s Fade should be 5 seconds and not 6 seconds. I am fine with the no heal through barriers but now she dies much more often. If Fade was 5 seconds, she might be able to get out of there or Fade through the shields more often.

No one cares, this is not a thread about whining about a hero you don’t like. This is about them hiding nerfs as bug fixes

Yeah I really don’t get it, heck even if Torbjorns turrets and Symmetra’s turrets could be power boosted, it would honestly put the game in a better spot balance wise, as they could really use a buff. Junkrats tire going from 600->780(900) seems fine too, as its just over kill at that point.

Also, Mercy boosting Hanzo still gives her the assists and ticks like she’s boosting him. That should be removed if it doesn’t works.

  • You get the damage ticking indication
  • You get offensive assists
  • Mercy shows up assisting in kill-feed
  • Doesn’t actually do anything


You get ult charge for damage boosting nothing too



Umm, that’s exactly what it was designed to do as SA was remade to be a more “fair” version of scatter. They’ve already gone on record stating that scatter was designed to be an anti-tank tool, so yeah.

I know this is beside the point you were trying to make but I felt the need to correct you on this.

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I see, I was not aware that was their actual intention, so fair point. Noted :slight_smile:

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That is a load of nonsense and you know it. Whenever you want to add a lot of nerfs to a hero you just put a couple as nerfs and the rest of the nerfs disguised as “bug fixes”. It happened with junkrat, it happened with brigitte and now happening with hanzo. “Fixed a bug cuz we never intended for this hero to do that thing he been doing since launch” yeah right, very smooth, totally didn’t see what you did there.


You’re right - these aren’t subtle. How did you miss these for all this time?


Nerver intended? Do you really think ( as a company) that we are idiots?

.Reins shatter for 2 years is an unintended bug,

.Sombra’s MANY MANY bugs for 2 years are unintended

Mercy’s abiltie mechaninc was not a bug tom, and its not because you feel like now that blizzards failures to balance has left 90% of the player base tired of your lies and mediocrity.


Most of that sounds fishy but at least we can agree on one thing:

Me neither, it’s kind of huge.


I’m still dreading the day they finally get around to fixing Orisas bug.

What about the Mei bug caused her losing her ult entirely during the Uprising event in 2017? That was actually a bug which came back later as a legit system for ALL of the heroes. Honestly, this makes no sense AT ALL.

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I could easily see that if Mei ever became meta that Blizzard would make her ult and gun just slow you and say we never intended for Mei to be able to freeze people.


Sounds like a common misconception

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If the dev response to this post is actually truthful then it’s pretty sad that it has taken them over 2 years to notice and fix that bug for mercy…