A list of Sombra's Many, Many Bugs (6), Now with more LOS Bugs!

This video encapsulates quite a few of her bugs, posted three days ago from this post

I got a few more videos of my own; turns out PvE is great at showing the bugs of heroes, since they’re using their abilities 10 times as often as a standard game.

Hack Breaks without losing LOS

EMP Breaks without losing LOS
(this one actually has a regular Hack LOS bug in it too, after the EMP)

Hack Switches Targets (blink and you miss it, at the 00:13 and 00:14 mark)

Generic Hack Switch, Hack Break, and Hack not going onto cooldown with damage

Irrifutable proof that Translocator has a Laggy Hitbox

New PTR bug: Translocator isn’t destroyed by the environment
This was fixed

Got a ton more examples here

Come on guys. I realy don’t want this to be a daily thing, although I missed a day so I guess it isn’t? Anyway, Sombra is bugged to hell and back. Can someone take a look at her please? Like seriously, there’s 30 bugs between these two threads alone. Don’t sit there and pretend they’re fine.

Somvra’s Edits :purple_heart:

Here are some video of what common bugs that occur in a every day basis when playing Sombra.

This explains in detail why these bugs occur.
This just display how buggy hack is now.
This is just more explains and video clips that display how buggy she is as of right now.

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this thread. :purple_heart:

SOMVRA’S EDIT: So far these are the bugs that have been fixed.

Xaron’s Update: I was playing Sombra on the PTR and I didn’t run into ANY of the Hack bugs that have been plauging us for the last 4 months. I’m mildly hopeful

Xaron’s Update 7/16/18
This is pathetic.


Super good job on compiling all the proof/examples in this thread :+1:

I have a friend who used to play a lot of Sombra and recently he was telling me more about the countless bugs to which I didn’t believe him as I assumed she was fine - so this is an eye opener to me and hopefully the devs see it if they think everything is ok too!

Hopefully you get a response soon :smiley:


You made a magnificent job on posting bug reports but the last one on dorado you died because Dva calling mech but not her self destruct.


oh they see it, they just havent said jack…


Great job with this one. Fitzy and Mightyy are regularly providing evidence, Fitzy even doing slow-mo clips on his streams every so often.

The thing where it swaps hero is the worst.


Bumping for visibility


Shoosh. I was frozen at the time, what do you want from me XD?


I’ve been making these daily, well, nightly. The more bug threads there are, the more likely they’re going to get seen. Feel free to add in your own links and whatnot, I’ll put them in in the next post.


A couple of these look reasonable, but most are obviously problems. The clip where she’s hacking the AI ulting bastion, for example, looks like she took damage at the same time as starting the hack. Considering even the tiniest ping delay, it would make sense for that damage to cancel her hack.

I always thought the transolactor being laggy was a problem on my end. Yeah that’s a real obvious bug if other people are experiencing it. It doesn’t travel through the air as fast as it appears to. I’ve gotten used to adjusting where I expect to be teleported to. Easy fix though. They can just change what it looks like to better reflect where you’ll end up.

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Then Hack would have gone on cooldown. I’ll be the first to admit that my internet isn’t great; I play between 70 and 120 ping at home. Regardless, I started hacking and it broke without taking damage.

Edit: I went through super slow from 11s to 12s, where the bug takes place, and I took damage before I started Hacking the Bastion. I took damage while attempting a Hack which should have put it on cooldown too, but more importantly Hack broke without loss of LOS.

People have been experiencing it since Sombra’s release. But we’re always told “it’s your ping, or your reaction time, of course you shouldn’t have died there (/s).” That video is irrifutable proof that Translocator’s hitbox is lags behind. Getting frozen in the middle of translocator? That’s just wrong.


Gonna put these bugs in here for the new post tonight.

EMP bug

Generic Hack Switch, Hack Break, and Hack not going onto cooldown with damage


They should be aware of the bugs by now, would really appreciate any sort of acknowledgement on the situation. Hoping some fixes might make this upcoming ptr but not holding breath.


They should be, but they would have added them to the known bugs list. Remember the infamous “what about Doomfist?”

I REFUSE to let that happen to Sombra.

Edit: I found the post where Jeff goes “what about Doomfist.”


Sombra doesn’t need buffs, just bug fixes. Please devs, as someone who actually likes to pull the occasional Sombra: Fix Sombra’s bugs! :slight_smile:


Heads up guys, the new bug report is out here.



This thread needs more attention.


These bugs legit loose people fights, and theres still no mention of them by blizzard


recent ptr update includes zero fixes for sombra in terms of what was highlighted


When will my Sombra get some love again? :sob: we need attention here!

New ptr brought in 1 more sombra bug that I know of unless it’s been on live and I haven’t seen it yet. If you throw your translocator off the map it’ll stick outside of map (outside map floor) if you tell of course you will die.

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