Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under "Bug fixes"?

no you said hes been able to do it since launch, I said not everyone knew this, because hanzo has never been built around or meta.

I personally didn’t know till triple support, and ive played since closed beta.

Never intended?

As respectfully as I can, I can not believe you sincerely mean that. The entire playerbase played with these heroes for months in that way and it completely surprised the entire community when these “bug fixes” (nerfs) were announced.

What is the purpose of the PTR then? What is the purpose of Mercy existing with Hanzo for quite literally over a year without it being an issue?

These aren’t bugs, these are design decisions being changed months after the fact.

Then again I am not surprised that the same design team that could bald face lie to their paying players face would lie about “bugfixes”. IE: Mercy’s rework being a “success”.


Oh I see. But whether you knew about it or not doesn’t matter. The devs for sure knew it was a thing, it wasn’t exactly a secret exploit.

Well, considering how the Mercy-Dragonstrike interaction took 2+ years to catch, I think we’re in for some serious improvement.


It’s a lie. It’s the same sort of lie as Mercy’s rework being a “success”.


okay, sure. If I a person who plays in GM didn’t know, you really think its possible the devs didn’t? like thinks that aren’t an issue can get past them. they didn’t realise moira could heal through barriers till almost 8 months after she was released.

Moira healing through barriers was listed as a known bug from the start. Mercy damage boosting ults, however, was never listed as a known bug. Even more so, it was initially announced as a nerf if I recall correctly and then pushed to live as a bug fix.

I’m honestly curious about two things.

  1. Why dmg boost wasn’t listed as a known bug for so long;
  2. Why ult dmg boost is considered a bug given regular projectiles can be dmg boosted.

You say that, but…

  1. We have no way to believe you.

  2. Blizzard takes so long to fix ANYTHING, how would we know a bug from a feature if you take months to fix it, and never mention it?


Can you guys seriously do this more often in terms of the answers? Like, the mercy question was asked a MILLION times. Just knowing this and saying it would go a LONG way of making things a lot better for everyone trying to understand your thought processes on things.

If these aren’t subtle nerfs, why did it take so long to fix them? Both of these should have been being worked on as soon as they were found, especially since Mercy and Hanzo have been in the game a lot longer than Moria and Moira healing through barriers was clearly a major bug for her


A lot of bugs have been around for a long time. They can fluctuate in development priority over time, as they come to affect gameplay more or less. In this particular case, damage boosting Dragonstrike had almost no purpose, until using it on a Graviton Surge against Transcendence became something that happens every match.

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So there are two possible conclusions to draw from this.

One is that the developers are lying, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me. Rather than being upfront and honest about their nerfs to certain heroes, they tried to slip a change through without it getting noticed. When players started taking notice in the PTR, they realized they couldn’t slip it through without at least mentioning it in the patch notes, so they decided to label it as a “bug fix”.

The other conclusion to draw from this is that the developers are so insanely clueless that they didn’t realize this “bug” existed for over two years, despite there being numerous in-game indications of it:

  • Mercy/Ana get offensive assists from amplifying these abilities.
  • Mercy/Ana are shown assisting in the killfeed when amplifying these abilities.
  • Mercy/Ana get hitmarkers from amplifying these abilities.
  • Mercy’s damage amplified stats are increased by amplifying these abilities.

Have they, in the past two years, played Mercy or Ana at all?

On top of this, its existence was so universally accepted that players discussed it casually on the forums long before this meta took shape. Just look for some “What abilities can Mercy amplify?” threads; it’s all there. If the developers truly read the feedback presented to them, perhaps they would have been made aware of this “bug” much sooner?


If it was truly a bug, why was it allowed to stay in the game for almost 3 months? Some bugs are understandably harder to fix and shouldn’t be an easy fix, however broken things need to be fixed almost the same day they’re found


Great to see some blue activity. I don’t normally do this but can you confirm/deny the issues regarding Reinhardt are being looked at?


I won’t disagree that gameplay-affecting bugs should generally be treated as higher priority for developers. The Overwatch team doesn’t work that way, though. For whatever reason, fixes come extremely slowly, while their development team is presumably focused on something else behind the scenes (OWL features, future events/monetization, etc.).

Ultimately, 3 months is fast in the context of Overwatch’s rate of change. Unless there’s a risk of Sombra becoming viable, nothing happens immediately.

Because they´re spineless cowards who only care about their shareholders. There you go.


I’ve been told on my complaint threads there’s over 100 of them. That should be more than enough if they were all working. OWL should be the last thing they’re focused on. If they don’t please their playerbase, the game will be dead well before OWL starts making them good money. Normal players like us tell others to either buy or not buy the game, and currently I think a lot more of us are saying not to buy the game than to buy it. Events I get if they’re new, like Yeti Hunt and Retribution, but they reused the others with some improvements, which means they really aren’t working on events as much as we’d like. I think one of the big problems too is they like to fix too many cosmetic bugs

But that’s not a bugfix, that’s correcting a design oversight?

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Those are the kind of things that should be added to the “Known Bug List,” especially if they are unintended and have been since Launch. There’s really no excuse to call this a “bug” after evidently ignoring it for the entire lifespan of the game.


That hurt me deeply.