Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under "Bug fixes"?

“Oh my god, Mercy’s damage boost damage boosts damage? WTF! Luckily this highly contested Hanzo meta has brought this issue to the forefront!”


Its better PR to call some things bugs instead of nerfs. You dont need justification to fix bugs.
The Moira thing is at least somewhat believable since it was listed in the known issues forum.

Ou really. So you guys decided to ignore Mercy’s damage boost bug for 2 years, and are adjusting it now. Bravo with this bug fix.

Also, it’s a nerf not a fix. You cant fool people by saying it’s a bug fix


Since Mercy’s ability to damage boost Hanzo’s Dragonstrike is a bug, and the exploitation of bugs is considered cheating under Blizzard’s EULA, will you be actioning players who’ve exploited the Mercy/Dragonstrike bug? I think I saw some Overwatch league players using that combo and apparently that should result in them being banned.

Or alternately you can admit that the categorization of this as a bugfix is stupid and we can all move on with our lives.

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If a bug does categorize as cheating, and if OWL players did use it then action should be taken. They announced this was a bug about a few weeks ago so the Pros should have known that using it was illegal, and should have known to not use it in the last few matches.

So it’s time for you guys to take action to those who abused this bug. Also, I used it once or twice.

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Hey Tom Powers, as much as we get your point, you guys should try to understand ours : we are used to these “bugs” and don’t see them as such, so they look like nerfs even if they are bugs to you guys, which makes it kind of offending, we look for heroes changes, then get surprised some stuff aren’t mentioned in the changes…oh right they’re here at the bottom. Y’know, it’s like, signing a new contract with a bank. Sounds similar, again no offense, just trying to have you guys understand us too.

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So much for ptr. How many other characters have they released in a broken state?

Soon we won’t see nerfs, but only a bug fixes.

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Nah, it’ll just be like StarCraft II. Eventually, they’ll start doing what they should’ve been doing from the get-go, and the game will eventually recover a large portion of its casual player base, because, at its core, it was still a good game.

Is Genji and Tracer walking faster also a bug? Makes no sense that they walk slightly faster. Is it intended? I wouldn’t know, it’s not in the bug list.

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They’re lightweight squishy flankers, so yeah, it does make sense they have a slightly better movement speed.

What about Sombra? She seems nimble enough for that. Yes, she gains a speed boost in Stealth, but both Tracer and Genji have a movement option and additional speed.

Also, what about Lucio? Guy is in skates and runs at the same speed as Rein in Healing song.

Now, I was just being snarky with my comment. If anything, I would love for every character to move faster, this game base running speed is way slow for me.

Lucio has to have the same movement speed in order to correctly stay near his teammates, thus explaining his movement speed. As for sombra, it’s exactly like you said. She has two movement abilities, one being already a movement speed buff. Although it does make sense for her to have a higher base movement speed, in terms of balancing I can agree for her to have the same as everyone else.

Hey Tom,

Could we please get an update on Reinhardt and the broken state he’s in after the recent patch? (Well, more broken than usual).

The silence from Blizzard in this regard has been deafening and it’s disheartening for some of the most considerate players to be ignored.

The community needs a response.

Okay but can you at least be more clear about what mercy can damage boost. She used to be able to boost any damage source that doesn’t have its own health (like junkrat’s tire and sym turrets etc.) Currently it just feels more inconsistent. It’s harder to grasp for people who are new to the game.

Sorry, but I call bullsh*t.

You cannot just retroactively call something you don’t like a “bug” and then “fix” it.

If Moira was never intended to heal through shields, then why was this never listed as a bug before?
Why was this “bug” allowed to go on since her release?
Why is it only when you decide to tweak all the supports that this “bug” coincidentally appeared?

This is Blizzard purposely shadow-nerfing under the guise of bugfixing. We can all see it, and it’s not only unnecessary, it’s treating us like we’re idiots that don’t know what’s going on.

Grow up and fix your utter lack of transparency, please.


Moiras healing through barriers was listed as a bug.

That was almost a year ago. A reasonable person would expect that something included with a hero from release and not touched for a year is a feature, not a bug.

It also doesn’t excuse other “bugfixes”, like Mercy being able to boost Hanzo’s ult.

Either way, the communication between Blizzard and the players is abysmal.

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Basically Blizzard is either a bunch of liars or is so incompetent it takes nearly/just over 2 years to fix minor bugs.

It was the same with Mei turning into icicle. The icicle not clearing any debuffs (precicely anti-heal) was listed as a bug for forever before it got fixed.

Sometimes the devs take their sweet time fixing the bugs, but they’re still announced as bugs. Moira had this known bug from ptr, before she hit live servers.

Mercy’s damage boost, on the other hand, is something completely different.