Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under "Bug fixes"?

Sounds like it wasn’t a bug but a design oversight tbh.

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Interesting how this forum has also called nerfs “bug fixes”, like Genji’s triple jump and deflect hitbox.

Moira bug fix is a pretty clear case of a bug.

Dragonstrike is not as clear but actually makes sense if you think about it. The dragons are like rip tire. They are their own beings and theoretically speaking, Mercy would have to damage boost them directly in order to increase the damage.

Just like Mercy cannot damage boost turret by beaming Torb, or damage boost self-destruct by beaming baby d.va.


We don’t deserve Tom Powers. Respect for the OG Community Manager.
He’s my president. :sob::+1:

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She could damage boost anything that didnt have a healthbar of its own. But its a bug fix after 2 years lol.


There are dozens, HUNDREDS of iterations like these.
Why do these in specific get the shaft?

SPECIALLY when these have been core to hero strenghts for a while?
AND SPECIALLY when they’ve been there for 2 years and half in the case of mercy.
And in the case of sombra, her contesting while stealthed was a known thing and heavily used, not to mention it was used on pro games too, it was a great trick for her to use and it’s been there since her release.

Maybe if they didn’t constantly gave half assed responses which often create more questions than what they answer it wouldn’t be like that?
He basically just said “we removed these because we don’t like them now, even when they’ve been in the game for years”


It only took 2 years to discover that Mercy can damage boost Dragonstrike, when literally EVERYONE knew that?
Sombra contesting while invisible was a bug aswell?

Sounds like a way to nerf by saying it’s a bug, so you can answer “Hey, it was a bug so we’re not going to revert it”.

If you think we’re all fools here, you’re wrong.


Why can we boost Pharah’s rockets, they are entities she flings away. Why can we boost Mei’s Blizzard? Tracer’s Pulse Bomb?

I’m not buying this logic.


Except for the Fact that Bastion mains don’t even have the responses to reply to in the first place. :crazy_face::ok_hand:


Because there’s no logic, these have been in the game for years in the case of sombra and mercy.
It’s just damage control of the always disappointing balance team.


I can agree with you on the mercy one, in part, because in things like Dva bomb and junk tire it is not supposed to damage boost those, because those are objects thrown or manipulated that go on and about once released (it doesnt make sense to power boost little Dva but the mechs destruction does more damage, or that while boosting junkrats body his tire , which is completely separate now and is running about somehow does more damage)

But the moira one has been said to be a bug quite a while ago, so much time has passed that it was though that they were gonna leave it like that. But apparently it’s not as easy a fix as people think it is, especially considering that the first time they fixed it it was even buggier since it wouldn’t heal people near barriers even if they were in the like of sight

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Sounds like another excuse to me. Mercy was able to damage boost Dragonstrike since the launch of the game. A bit convenient this is removed when Hanzo becomes OP?


Teamfortress 2 Soldier rocket jump was a bug … and they left it because they saw it was a damned good thing for the game.

That the difference between the wise man and the blind one.


To be fair hanzo has never been meta or built around, so it has never been an issue, I personally didn’t know till triple support meta, and ive been playing since closed beta.

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Just going to quote my earlier post, because exactly the same thing applies here. The inability to contest is listed as a hero change. It appears duplicated in the bug fixes, because it was temporarily bugged and subsequently fixed on PTR.

hanzo has never been meta or a problem I didn tknow this was possible till triple support and ive been playing since closed beta. so no not everyone knew.

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If you allow these positive effects to be in the game for an extended amount of time, they become a part of the game, and are therefor not bugs any longer. It’s similar to someone quitting Overwatch and saying they want their money back, because they never intended to play the game for so long. It doesn’t sound very logical.


Moira should be able to heal through Barriers just makes sense.

Unlike a single telephone pole blocking D. Va’s Ult from a Roadhog.

Honestly I question the choices you guys make a lot for a reason.

Did you misclick? Your reply has nothing to do with my comment.

Because they want to fool the community into thinking that it wasn’t intended in the first place in order to get less backlash.

You’ll be surprised with how many drones actually fall for this.


This also applies too.

Every single day the balance team shows how bad they are at their job.

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