Is this experiment intentionally heavy handed?

If you say so. Tighten that drain up and watch half the Moira’s drop one tier overnight.

Isn’t that precisely what we all want to happen lol

Do you guys have the patch notes? I cant find them sorry :weary:

You do know this is just going to make Moira have to DPS more to deal with threats

It’s the same problem from when they nerfed her healing

They keep forcing Moira to have to attack more to equal out on what she has lost

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As I said, it’s not the best way to deal with it. They want to try it, it might work, it might not work

Their you go man :grin:


Thankyou! Much love :heart:


Experimental changes in the past were mostly minor numbers change except for the 1/3/2.

These Genji changes are actually significant enough to be called experimental. I don’t think they will all go through.

Isn’t it already live? Or is it just experimental?

Looks like I’m getting good at sombra again :confused:

Well, its clear that is the crutch no question. Its why they don’t play Ana for the most part, or even Bap.

Man, if they made the attack hitbox thinner IDC if 98% of Moira players dropped, I wouldn’t because I can actually play the game :joy:

All of these were needed except the Moira damage nerf.
I’ve hit GM on a Moira only account, and I’m all for Moira changes since she really isnt designed perfectly, but this is the wrong change. They shouldve nerfed the damage on orb, not her succ.
That being said, I’m really excited to try these out. I hope Genji gets to keep atleast 1 of these buffs to live

Careful, get too good, people will complain and she’ll get sledgehammered.

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In experimental card. Not in QP or comp.

Tru tru. Luckily my aim is actual trash so it will be a minute before that happens.

Same. I LOVE playing Sombra, but I’m very bad at following up on my hacked targets because I cannot aim worth crap.


I would otherwise be content with the deserved Moira nerfs, but to say that they nerfed the wrong part of her kit while they should had nerfed her primary fire’s ridiculous hitbox would be an understatement…

And let’s not even get into the fact that even more DPS favoritism and Support/Tank nerfs (AKA all that we’ve been getting concerning these heroes) are the absolute last thing Overwatch needs right now in it’s current state…


I’m wondering why they do a heal buff.
Was Moira not that good with healing potency in games? I’ve seen synergy where Moira can stack heals well with Ana or Brig.

these cha nges are more than good for the community who actually knows how the game is played( high SR).