Is this experiment intentionally heavy handed?

So we’ve got storm arrow nerfs partially reverted, I mean barriers are still weak but whatever, Hanzo is a sniper who melts stuff to not have sniper weaknesses I guess. Glad I started playing him

Echo idrc about

Genji gets a syringe full of buffs injected into his supple cheeks (also started playing him conveniently) and in response…

His best counter, Moira, gets a 20% damage reduction on grasp while becoming even more of a healbot than she already was

I can’t say I’m thrilled with the direction any of these go in, but if this goes through good luck seeing me spend my time on anything other than DPS


I feel like the Devs have no idea what they’re doing anymore.

I usually have a little bit of faith in their changes and patches, but this experimental card is just…

It’s just no.


Ironically, this post is just yes


i think they heard the forums about not being aggressive enough, they just didn’t do the changes the community wants. (moira to have more damage, but a smaller beam width)


Not at all, I would quit if this went live.

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same. moira’s my favorite healer and giving her 40dps but +5 hps? no.
it’ll just make her a healbot more.


If they start nerfing Brig next I’m going to fistfight Blizzard HQ

The building itself

  1. They have said for a while now that they were going to be more aggressive with balance changes, so yes
  1. This is the experimental card, where they can try some pretty drastic stuff without breaking the game, so also yes

This isn’t the PTR, where stuff the devs already plan to implement is tested for stability. The experimental card is designed for trying out risky and heavy-handed changes. In other words, no need to panic yet :wink:

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Hanzo doesn’t need any buffs at all. A hero who can spam arrows into choke with the potential to one majority heros doesn’t need any buffs.

Buffing storm arrows just nerfs all Dive tanks.


Except the balance patches they’ve been putting on experimental acts like PTR in the past, where most if not everything there goes through

I think people are reasonably… Apprehensive of this


I mean, it’s experimental card…

…is what I’d say if it wasn’t a glorified “test-it-out-before-we-release-them-live-anyway” PTR-style mode. No way these changes get to live, especially Genji buffs.


I don’t know… They’ve…patched in some questionable content from ExC.


I just read the experiment and… wow

This seems pretty tone deaf… all those months tanks were like you hecked up our role with sweeping changes, but had faith there were gonna be changes to each role as stats settled… to have healers widely nerfed… and dps buffed over and over (except mei)…

The CC changes? slapps on the wrist, not really even coming close to addressing the problem…

I stopped being a tank main months ago while I waited to see… and am glad i stopped…

Still love you dev’s, but I really wish I could see first hand what goes on over there.


I wish it was a few hours into the future so I could see the YourOverwatch and Samito collab video praising this as the golden age of balance

/s… Ish


Looking through the patch notes and comparing experimental vs. live -

1-3-2 didn’t go through.

Brig’s shield bash nerf didn’t go through.

Bob didn’t become immune to sleep.

I know that’s not a big list, but it does show that there is some aspect of testing the viability / popularity of things before implementing them. And yeah, they’re not going to put stuff on Experimental if they think it’s a wholly bad idea in the first place, so implementing more things than they scrap is to be expected.

But—speaking as someone who mostly plays support, and rarely plays Genji, if this turns Genji into a monster and Moira into a punching bag, I’m still holding out some optimism that it will be further tuned and not just pushed to live.

The community asked for riskier and more drastic changes, and welp, these are them.

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Not pushing a narrative here at all, just replacing 10 pity HP for 20% huge reduction, this patch is a big buff to Moira, she’ll heal more, she’ll need less energy to heal her teammates, so resource management will become even more forgiving and now her self-heal to damage ratio is absolutely busted

i’d argue that it’s not heavy enough.

But the change doesn’t target what people dislike about the hero

They don’t want her to do less damage, they want it to be harder for her to get easy damage/kills

And nobody wants her to be a healbot more than she already is


I think if this goes live Jeff Kaplan wouldn’t wanna run into any moira main on the street… and I dont blame them lol

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Yes, I don’t agree with this change either, it just makes her biotic grasp to feel a little bit fairer when 1v1ing her and put a band aid compensation that’ll be worse for the character in the long run, this patch is plain silly