Is there something wrong with the server?

All of yesterday was full of competitive losses because each and every one of my matches had a leaver with connection issues. I can send replays of the gameplays if needed.

Today then I got kicked out of the game too, ironically, exactly while I was telling my team about that issue.

Can someone look into this please? My internet is perfectly fine, I can send screenshots of the speed if needed.

Penalties can never be reversed even if there is a legitimate problem and screenshots are not conclusive evidence anyways. Continuing to play a high-stakes game mode like Competitive while you see an issue is present is just as bad as deliberately leaving a game. Learn more about this policy here:

If you are still disconnecting today and you need help we can at least help you figure out where and why you might be disconnecting if you run a WinMTR test.


I would appreciate it if you actually read my post instead of skimming over it. I said nothing about complains over the penalty of leaving. I asked for you to check if there is something wrong with the OW network, because that day was filled with people disconnecting and reconnecting, it happened to me as well and it’s actually happened yesterday also. Which in turn, has been ruining a lot of people’s SR as a consequence.

So please check your server’s network to see if it’s having issues.

Please and thank you.

Hey Zahyra,

WyomingMyst does not work for Blizzard, he’s just a player like yourself who helps out on the forums (hence the MVP status and green text).

5 days ago when you posted this there weren’t any confirmed issues with the Blizzard network or Overwatch servers in the EU region. More than likely if a lot of people were disconnecting that day it was due to ISP issues in Europe, perhaps a shared backbone issue affecting a specific sub-set of players. If we are having widespread connection issues we will generally post from our BlizzardCSEU twitter account to let the community know.

Today (Nov. 24th) we had experienced issues with logins across all games, however this would only affect the login process and would not cause you to be disconnected from a match.

Generally if you are experiencing random disconnections and you don’t see anything on our Twitter, it would be a good idea to start running WinMTR tests to see if you can identify if packet loss is occurring between you and the server. While testing it would also be wise to avoid competitive mode until you can be sure the issue cleared up, to avoid SR loss.

Hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile:

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I apologize, I saw different color text and assumed it was a Blizzard employee. I don’t go on these forums much so I didn’t know this was a thing. I think it would be better though not to give permission to people to help in the forums if they can’t even take the time to read someone’s post. It only frustrates the people asking for help.

On your advice, I will run the WinTMR tests to see if there are any issues next time. However, as the person on top said, in a not very nice manner but still having a point, there are plenty of other games out there that don’t have these issues. I play many other online games and never disconnect (except for Apex but that is a known server issue on their side) so if I can play other games without issues, then there is definitely something to be improved with the OW network.

Not even D3 kicks me out. I would advise Blizzard to take a look at what can be improved because with OW2 in sights, the player base might even grow. What are you going to do then? Log in queues are already a thing now and lots of people get disconnected (I was playing on the US server btw because I always play on US, so the other people disconnecting were also in the US server), if this goes on, the game will be unplayable and people will bury Overwatch.

I’ve been having the same issue the last couple days- currently I can maybe play a game or 2 before I lose connection, sometimes I can’t even log in to the game.
My internet works fine and I haven’t had any connection issues aside from Overwatch.

I’ve done what was suggested here and ran WinTMR, but I can’t seem to post it here or attach my results (can’t post links), so please remove the spaces and see the logs here:
textuploader . com/1oh84

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Hey there Zahyra,

I ran a report on the ISP being used to play the game, but am not seeing any issues here. I narrowed down the report to the local area network and did see the issue you had mentioned. I’m seeing both latency spikes and packet loss here. This suggests the problem may be rooted somewhere in the home network.

The MTR report should help narrow the investigation and will display where the data is being lost or where the latency is spiking.

I hope this info helps!

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Same issues as others … here is the LookingGlass log (all the dot nets are changed to _net to allow posting).

traceroute to (, 15 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 Blizzard Blizzard 0.814 ms 0.687 ms 0.690 ms
2 ( 1.755 ms 1.767 ms 1.862 ms
3 ( 1.777 ms 1.791 ms 1.796 ms
4 ( 1.732 ms 1.749 ms 1.763 ms
5 ( 4.994 ms 5.011 ms 5.017 ms
6 ( 6.935 ms 5.905 ms 5.894 ms
7 ( 6.020 ms 6.194 ms 6.183 ms
8 las-b21-link.telia_net ( 5.707 ms 5.723 ms 5.724 ms
9 xe-5-3-2.BR3.LAX15.ALTER_NET ( 5.885 ms 5.896 ms 5.898 ms
10 * * *
11 ae203-0.WASHDC-VFTTP-351.verizon-gni_net ( 62.142 ms 61.857 ms 61.397 ms
12 pool-71-255-226-215.washdc.east.verizon_net ( 68.515 ms 67.776 ms 67.764 ms

27/11/2019 23:18:26 UTC

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=73.2 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=47 time=67.7 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=47 time=73.0 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=47 time=68.6 ms

— ping statistics —
4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 2997ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 67.766/70.671/73.210/2.511 ms

27/11/2019 23:18:26 UTC

Start: Wed Nov 27 23:18:26 2019 Blizzard 1.|-- Blizzard 0.0% 10 0.3 0.3 0.2 0.4 0.0
2.|-- 0.0% 10 0.7 0.5 0.4 0.7 0.0
3.|-- 0.0% 10 0.8 0.8 0.7 1.0 0.0
4.|-- 0.0% 10 1.0 2.6 0.8 17.2 5.1
5.|-- 0.0% 10 0.7 6.2 0.7 8.5 2.5
6.|-- 0.0% 10 5.8 11.4 5.7 38.4 10.4
7.|-- 0.0% 10 5.9 6.9 5.8 14.0 2.5
8.|-- las-b21-link.telia_net 0.0% 10 5.4 5.7 5.4 6.0 0.0
9.|-- xe-5-3-2.BR3.LAX15.ALTER_NET 0.0% 10 5.7 5.8 5.5 6.7 0.0
10.|-- ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
11.|-- ae203-0.WASHDC-VFTTP-351.verizon-gni_net 0.0% 10 63.2 62.4 61.5 65.6 1.2
12.|-- pool-71-255-226-215.washdc.east.verizon_net 0.0% 10 65.8 70.3 65.8 74.2 2.8

27/11/2019 23:18:26 UTC

This is a clip from Kenzo. Four people crashing at the same time during competitive. Something is clearly happening, Blizz.

Not trying to deny that something is happening, but note that the TRK video you are trying to use as evidence is from his ‘Unranked to GM’ Widowmaker series that concluded several weeks ago. He had commented during the last (or second to last, I don’t remember) that he held out a few games to make separate videos of them because they were ‘unusual’ … playing 4v4 definitely qualifies as ‘unusual’!). Anyway… the connection issues in that vid happened weeks ago…

Zahyra the video you linked shows that something did indeed happen, but not on the Blizzard side. If it were an issue with the Overwatch server or the Blizzard network then ALL of the players of that match would have been disconnected. In the video 4 players appear to disconnect (or did they intentionally quit?) while 8 remain in the match.

What we can imply from that video is that those 4 players were likely from the same geographical region (maybe even the same country/ISP) and there may have been an internet issue that interrupted their connections to the Overwatch server. Maybe a backbone ISP was targetted by a DDOS and the increased traffic caused their connections to be interrupted, maybe a shared ISP had a router/device issue, we just can’t know for sure.

These things happen on the internet every day. While it may seem to you like an issue specific to Overwatch, these symptoms may just be the result of a different issue affecting connectivity for a specific route through the internet. Different games and services are hosted in different data centers, which means your connections are taking different paths to get there.

This is why we troubleshoot and have you run connection tests in order to rule things out. We also have a dedicated team of network engineers and our network is constantly being monitored. So if an issue does show up in our network or with the game servers themselves, we will gladly let players know. For major impacting issues we usually post an announcement in the app and on our BlizzardCS or BlizzardCSEU_EN twitter handles.

If you would like us to assist with troubleshooting disconnections the best thing that you can do is run a WinMTR like I mentioned in my original reply. That will let us see the path specifically to the Overwatch servers, so we can try to figure out where the connection is breaking down.

As for multiple other players disconnecting at the same time, that really comes down to the stability of the internet in your region. You know the server and game network are fine, because there are others in the match that did not get disconnected. We will gladly assist with troubleshooting one-on-one, but sometimes the issues do just end up being a matter of an ISP (or multiple ISPs) having temporary connection problems that affects the game.

Wouldn’t having more servers help the situation though? Just blaming the regional connection doesn’t really seem fair, but maybe I’m just not techy enough