Can't load the match, ping rises but im still in the voice chat

Every once in 5 games overwatch decides not to load in the match. I get stuck in the loading screen and my ping suddenly peaks with REALLY high numbers. Then i hear my team talking about which characters to pick. This is when i realise I have to quit and come back again or im just gonna be seeing “unable to join match” on the text area over and over again. I dont think this is a hardware or internet issue. (Never had this problem before the overwatch 2 announcement suspiciously)

Servers are slowed down A LOT and redirecting to intercontinental hosts, not loading matches and kicking, etc all day for me.

Seems free wekend got too many people on the game… Failing to login right now, connection is awful and no it’s not my internet.

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Having the exact same problem. Lost so many sr this season cause of this issue.

Just to clarify, if you can hear your team talking, the issue isn’t the server. When it’s the server, everyone in the match will be affected because you’re all playing on one server for the same match. Instead, it can affect a handful of players using the same ISP or routes to connect to Overwatch – which would also be the fault of the ISP or routing partners, and not the server.

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