Is Moira a trans or non-binary?

You’re not being too specific there with “non-binary”.

Do you mean if she’s non-binary 1 or non-binary 10? Gender non-binary comes on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being closest to identifying with the traditional binary genders of male and female, and 10 being the further from.

You gotta be specific on this topic.

im pretty sure non binary is more fluid then that

That’s a thing? Seriously?

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Well for one it’s pretty wrong talking about a character’s genitalia in a PG 13 game.
Two, it’s wrong talking about it like it’s a normal thing and “you must accept it or you’re a bigot” when in reality it’s a mental disorder, whether people admit it or not. You make it off as a normal thing and those who suffer from it won’t get treated for it, just like if you made any other problem normal.


If it’s not specified, then no she isn’t.

Something tells me you didn’t read the Retribution comic.

I did, it’s also part of her backstory that nobody in Overwatch knew she was in Blackwatch, her employment was kept secret from them.

binary = 1 or 0,
non-binary = more than that.

now, idk about any of this gender pc stuff, but that’s specific enough if you ask me.

I don’t remember reading such a thing.
The only thing I know is she got kicked out early.

first off noone’s asking about her genitals, secondly micheal chu already comfirmed that genji still has genitals that noone asked about so that really isn’t a question that seems to be fordin

you don’t have any proof being trans is the result of a mental disorder, thats the same thing as saying being gay is a disease.

What is becoming of the human race? What is god?

My brain cells are crumbling with this post

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Well this thread is going about as well as I expected lol



I forgot my popcorn machine at home…

^ This.

Coming from a straight woman who has a lot of masculine traits … it’s almost insulting to see so many people think that if a woman isn’t beautiful and feminine, she must be trans / gay / non-binary.

Not every woman wears high-heels, make-up, and giggles at jokes.


jeez how come noone can have a lgbt thread without people freaking out.

There’s a difference between liking something and believing you’re something that you’re not.

If she’s depicted as a woman and people ask if she’s trans, then that’s basically “what does she have in her pants”.

It’s part of her origin story Overwatch kicked her out because of her research methods and Blackwatch hired her behind their backs.

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most leaders of lgbt rights have been trans women. if it wasn’t for trans women gay people wouldnt have much rights. and the idea of there being only “men and women” is a western construct. most other cultures have several genders. youve have no right so call transness “a mental disorder”

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Google “Gender dysphoria”