Moria Blackwatch Skin is just amazing

yea, actually this is possibly only skin that i will want to have for Moira… untill there is Celtic skin ofc.


Ya I am not a fan of her “Rockstar” skins either.

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If we do in fact get two, we would be insanely spoiled (and I’m not complaining).

First two supports in a row; and now potentially two legendary (amazing ones at that) skins for Moira?

Yes please.

‘david bowie’ skins… thats why i hate them… there is very few skins in OW that i dont like… those 2 are like 50% of them

I was very disappointed with Mei’s Beekeeper skin since it didn’t shoot golden goop and have giant Honey Walls.

Not a fan of Widow Punk skins at all.

i am really curious about new Hanzo skin… will this be younger Hanzo from time when he defeated gengu?
well wait and see

i swear if the skin isn’t available in the event…

You already know what to do.


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Regarding a young Sombra, I kinda doubt she looked too different tbh. She seems to be young at heart forever. Maybe before she got her hacker tats, a skin could be there?

It happened with torb so im crossing my fingers :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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in that time period Sombra was like 2y old lol… she would be valiuable agent XD

Baby Sombra would be pretty OP
Everyone would want ot pick her up and hold her.

She would hack them and shoot them in the face.

Yes the blackwatch outfit looks amazing. Even better than the one we saw on the other comic.

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Offical Skin updated in OP.

Just saw Origin story again.
According to Origin Story she was originally part of OW - but they shut her down for doing unregulated science, then was hired by BW after she got kicked out of OW.

She says specifically,
"Overwatch held back the pace of scientific discovery for decades. They believed my methods were too radical too controversial and they tried to silence me. "

“But there were others in the shadows looking for ways to circumvent their rule. Freed from my shackles”

Shackles didn’t mean prison, but restrictions by OW placed on her when she was a scientist in OW.

Which meant Yes - mercy knew everything about her if she was a member of OW.

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I love her BW skin. It’s similar in some aspects to Mercy’s classic look but still different.
Like she is the evil counterpiece to Mercy! I absolutely love it! (loving playing both!)

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I sort of want to see Mei in Battle Armor now.

Mei - secretly the leader of Talon.

Sombra was a young child during the days of overwatch

really want to know how she looks in first person. i can see red nails on gloves

Sombra is 30 years old. Was 22 during Retribution

Oof it’s been that little soldier looks so aged

But she made the connections between reaper and blackwatch on her own. She would’ve known that already if she was a member of black watch’s.

Or she would’ve still been with Los Muertos when she was 22