Is Moira a trans or non-binary?

dude, no, please stop, next

Ahh now now, we did warn you the whole liberal open-ness would lead to places.

It started with Tracer’s sexual identity, now the flood gates have opened, be prepared for every kind of socially constructed gender to demand representation.

[To mods - this is in no way a troll post, it is an expectation and invitation to communicate and debate should they disagree. I welcome all genders.]

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Are you saying that any woman that doesn’t have a big butt and big boobs is trans/non-binary? Lol.


if you don’t care at all then you have no reason to write a post. i dont care that much about torbjorn but it doesn’t mean im gonna go on some random torbjorn post and write “i don’t care”


Makes me sad people have to make these kinds of posts.


They have stated she is female and that’s all that is important. I also remember either Jeff or Chu (forgot who) commenting that if there was a trans character in the game they’d make it someone like Mercy who nobody questions, not someone the community just offensively assumes to be trans based on physical features.


I answered the OP’s question with the information we have at hand.

You raised the possibility that she is trans, based on that her sexuality hasn’t been officially defined by lore. So simply responded with how open ended the lore is around basically every character’s sexuality. Even Tracer, it’s not defined if she is purely homosexual, she could well be bi-sexual, or even asexual.

The developers have confirmed that will be multiple lgbt representation. this includes trans people, so they do have a reason to ask if a character trans.

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I don’t care about the OP itself, however, I do care about that joke, since I’m a cruddy forum comedian, so I don’t care directly in other words.

She is a woman with a androgynous design.


micheal chu confirmed that tracer is a lesbian.


She’s a scientist

I don’t think she cares what’s going on all she cares about is her work


I do not really like that people see a woman that isn’t very feminine in the standard sense and think she is trans. It might look harmless, but when you say there is a certain “look” that “looks trans”, you open the door for people to claim that a character can’t be gay because they “don’t look gay”. This is why I think she is a terrible candidate for being a trans character, much like Zarya.


Because if you only get positive feedback from people who agree with you, then you form what’s called an echo chamber and it skews the perspective of what the player base cares about, because it looks like everyone wants something when in fact probably upwards of 99% of people dont care but probably also dont want to be offensive.


It’s just a game my dudes

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Why are people so curious what is going on under her dress?
It is pretty perverted if you ask me.

The only person it matters to is Moria and Mercy.
Since Mercy is the teams Doctor and she has to know, its part of the OW contract on regular medical checkups.


if 99 percent of people didn’t care and didn’t respond to the post that it would be alot less likely for developers to see this post at all since it wouldn’t be boosted.

That was then, perhaps her sexuality has evolved since then.

(see what I did there)

Yeah. But this isn’t the way to do it. The whole thing should be about the characters coming out through a story or cinematic. Yet, everyone is just gonna keep pressing on this like its a zit.

Eventually that zit is gonna pop. And nobody’s gonna like how it turns out.

Who cares if they’re lgbt or whatever? It doesn’t change anything about the game. But it’s not like we don’t know these things. Literally 5 minutes of research would have answered this question.

We also don’t need topics made asking for heroes to be lgbt or whatever. It’s not a healthy thing for any community.

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Moira wasn’t known to have been part of Blackwatch so technically it wouldn’t even be Mercy’s business. I assume Moira was her own doctor for the most part.