Is Moira a trans or non-binary?

Because, as someone said earlier, most people legitimately don’t care, but threads like these strike people as pushy about trying to force them to care about that stuff? It’s making an issue out of something people really couldn’t give a flying fart about, and that’s what actually bothers people. Blizzard could come out tomorrow and say “Hey BTW Junkrat got the hots for Roadhog” and the majority of people would not care at all. But that’s Blizzard, it’s their game.


Because all of these posts feel like they’re shoving an agenda or their livelihood on everyone in the game. It doesn’t matter what they are or anything, as long as it doesn’t feel forced. These kinds of posts make it feel forced.

Please, don’t.

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did you not hear me say that most cultures have multiple genders. and the idea of of trans people having to have gender dysphoira to be trans is pretty outdated. most recent studys have that gender is more complicated then just “girl and boy”. medicaldaily .com /challenging-gender - identity - biologists - say - gender - expands - across - spectrum-
rather - 323956 (take away the spaces)

couldn’t have said it better

This is an excellent point as well. A lot of the time when they suggest this stuff, players just latch onto whichever character seems to fit their desires and start pounding out requests for identity inclusion, when it doesn’t even necessarily fit the character. That’s why stuff like McHanzo, PharMercy, RoadRat, etc. are kinda annoying, because it’s disregarding existing lore and characterization to try to create some fan-fic of these characters instead of letting them evolve naturally and develop those identities as a meaningful and impactful part of their character

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You know you can just… Press the </> button and links will be presented like this

A curiosity on law: There are countries that recognized it as a disorder as a way to circumvent existing law, like their own Constitution, that prohibits people to willingly dispose of their own body parts and organs. By classifying it as a disorder and designating the surgeries as the only treatment, the legal issue was solved and trans people were able to get the surgeries without having their doctor arrested.

So, anyway, the “treatment”, at least in countries that do it this way, is taking hormones and going through a few surgeries. So, not shying away from the subject do not stop people from being “treated”, it was actually what allowed them to be “treated” to begin with.

I admit that it is hard, for me, to keep up with everything. But I just call people the way they ask me to call them, listen to what they have to say on the subject if they want to talk and done.

(“Treatment” between quotation marks throughout the post because I do not personally agree with the use of the word in this context, I’m talking from a legal perspective)

I took a look at that link with an open mind. I stopped reading at:
"Doctors can no longer definitively look at the pe*** or va**** of a new baby and congratulate the birthing mother with a cheerful “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.”
That article was clearly made by an idiot. The doctor doesn’t say that to say what they person will feel or act like as it grows older.


what makes you think most people don’t care? you aren’t the expert on what the rest of the world wants. and if people don’t care then why are they so against it. studies have shown the the amount of people on the earth who identify as gay range from 10 percent to 20 (thats not even counting the bisexual people or closeted people) those people would probally care

actually i know alot of people who would care if junkrat and roadhog were gay, since blizzard has hinted at it a bunch.

Same here, little bee.

But I’m personally against “forcing transidentity” onto a fictional character with already established lore.


Honestly, this is a stupid argument.

People can believe what they want. But there are 2 genders. 1 with a Richard. And 1 with a Sally.

The only one that’s strange is when there’s both, but that’s a completely different story.

LancerJayden doesn’t have any other arguments except social constructs. Not biology, not geneology, not even something as basic as hormones.

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what about people who are with both genitalia, what are they suppose to identify as huh? and you still haven’t said anything about how other non western culutres have multiple genders.

She’s David Bowie Though.

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You don’t have to medically transition to be trans


Can we not please?..

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Female game characters have to be hot or they’re clearly trans.

Humanity in 2018.


literally the idea of 2 genders a social contruct, you can’t say “biology proves that theres only 2 genders” when i give you an article that says there are more then 2 genders and you completely ignore it.

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no one said moira wasn’t hot

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Gender is a social construct. Many ancient societies have had third and fourth genders prior to the proliferation of Christianity/Catholicism. I believe it was that that reinforced the gender binary globally. Many native American cultures have members known as “two-spirits” who do not fall into the gender binary, for example.


Not really (my dudes)