I'm curious about the numbers of people who are staunchly against Role Queue

I remember that fiasco.

After that, Blizzard explicitly added to the gameplay sabotage description that hero choice is not a reportable offense.

Today, anyone arguing that selecting a “subpar hero” is passible of report is going directly against Blizzard’s own instructions on the gameplay sabotage examples.

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That’s an interesting and not at all an unbiased opinion. In my recollection, it were the DPS players, upset about the constant struggle to play what they want and feeling pressured to fill, who were the ones clamoring for RQ the most. Spearheaded by Jake and Seagull (DPS players), who were the most vocal and outspoken of the professional scene and amplified by YouTube mouthpieces like Stylosa and Your Overwatch, the drive for RQ started some two years prior to its implementation. Every time the counterargument about long queue times came up, the answer was always: “I will gladly wait in queue as long as I’m able to play the role that I want to play”. Add the goats in OWL as a catalyst, and here you have it. Enjoy.


That’s true, but nonetheless you can’t argue that situations arise when your team is paralyzed by some character or other. It’s often beneficial to switch to a counter, imperfect and all, to catalyze some positive momentum. If Hammond is wrecking your team then Sombra is unarguably the best pick to neutralize him. Sure, a good Hanzo or Widow can wreck the diving Winston, but it’s better than being a slab of meat for their slaughterhouse.

Well that’s true obviously. For instance, if you’re running Hog and Zarya against double shield+ snipers, you’ll lose all the times if someone isn’t smurfing.

My point was more like, let’s say we have healer duo who never heal (happened to me today with dps moira and speedboost lucio). You can’t switch to a healer yourself and accept the loss. Sure, it’s just one in maybe 50 matches. But it leaves horrible taste and you go into next match being frustrated.

I play maybe one match a day on dps. But will always get people who’d play Hog and Zarya or Ball. Same people would go and expect others to play what they want in tank later.

I along with many others enjoyed the ability to switch around. Maybe I am having a terrible match on tank. I can’t go pick a healer instead. It’s way easy to lose on tank than any other role.

Not to mention it’s a lot of heroes and you can’t expect people to play all of them on same level. For instance, if one of your dps is playing sombra, it creates pressure on the other dps to do a lot of damage/get picks since Sombra is more about utility. Wish they make the tanks balanced. Like only ones are: Rein, Winston, Orisa, WB, Sigma. Off tanks are moved to dps. If someone wants to play off tanks, they can do so as well. But that’d require a lot of balance changes.

Right now if you get a dps main on main tank, well, it’s not going to be a fun experience. Either they’re too aggro or too passive.


Exactly. I no longer flex, I just play support because I can’t flex between multiple roles anymore depending what my team needed or depending of the map. That and blizzard deemed fit to neuter the characters I happened to play in other roles.

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Im against stupid who dont know how to play the role they pick

you can cherry pick any single 1 Youtube channel while ignoring plenty of others and the opinions of many others to make a case that “it was DPS players”.

I could make a similar case by selecting all pro 2-2-2 Tank mains while burying all opinions of DPS and Supp players I stumble upon along the way.

Support players though are definitely a loud minority and one that likes yo have it their way. Look at these forums for example, most of the most active posters are Supp mains.

Papa Jeff had an interesting thing to say about Overwatch evolution and team play in that other thread:

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Create a poll OP, and have people vote. From my observations, I think that it’s a 60/40 split with the majority of the contempt coming from DPS players due to the queue times.

Personally I like Role Queue and would be happy if it just stayed like this.

These polls have been conducted by other players: there is even a link to one of them in this thread. The problem with the player conducted polls, though, is that no matter how many of them are done, there will always be this guy to deny their results:

And he’s not wrong. In cases like this, the best way to do a poll is to temporarily offer two versions of a product and see which one is more popular with the customer base.


Why would we need “two versions of a product??” The majority of people playing the game already experienced an Overwatch with and without role queue and the old version is still in the arcade. It doesn’t make any sense. There’s really no reason to write off the statistics as invalid.

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there are multiple differences between pre222 qp and qp classic, and of course there is no pre222 competitive available at all

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There really aren’t though. It’s the same clown fiesta that the game was before 2-2-2.

That really doesn’t matter. The competitive players were the ones requesting role lock the most, so we can probably assume how they feel about it.

I hardly ever played comp, and since role q I rarely ever play any modes at all. I did play the minimum required junkenstein games for halloween, that was the most I played all last year. I didn’t even bother logging in for the free loot at Christmas.

I just poke around on the forums now and again to see if anything has improved, but it more often than not things just get worse.

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If they offered a limited season of pre-RQ Comp, would you come back and give it a go then?

Laziest solution that took a year to develop. Hm.

As a flex turned support main, I was originally in support, but now against it. I don’t have all day to play and if I’m queueing DPS, I can play at max 3-4 games and this doesn’t even take into account leavers cancelling your games and games where you’re just rolled.

Even when queueing non DPS role, I have to hope that my fellow team is playing at the level they’re supposed to be playing and not playing their ‘off-role’. Also, if your tanks are both non shield tanks and enemy tank plays double shield, it’s pretty much a lost game.


I like the concept of a form of RQ, but have never been in support of 2/2/2. 1/3/2 was my original proposition, and 2/3/2 is a suggestion that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Anything else is just asking for throwers,leavers,people who play dps-hog/moira.

Arcade Mode - Classic Comp would be a welcomed addition ; but please don’t remove RQ. I’d rather play a dozen games with Zarya/Hog than 5 dps.

I want to go back to No LImits.

they’d have to balance they game like this so no one hero got OP

My only issue with role queue is that flex players don’t get a chance to shine anymore by switching between roles.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice not having 4 dps and a Hammond, but it’s still kind of annoying that flexing is a thing of the past now.

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