I'm curious about the numbers of people who are staunchly against Role Queue

Why do people care if there’s a glorified fat dps backing them up?
Like, seriously. There’s so little difference between tanking solo and duo.

Not just lazy, but incompetent and hare-brained.

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Party flex is is a terrible solution to a terrible concept. Role queue is trash and party flex makes it 100x worse.

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I 100% agree with you here.

There are a lot of things they could have done differently instead of putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

Make more interesting tanks / support. Release more tanks / supports quickly so that the # of tanks / supports are more equivalent to the DPS. If those methods don’t work, rework existing tanks / supports so they’re more fun to play. Make them more dynamic.

And if all of the above doesn’t work, realize that when people play a team-based shooting game they want to actually shoot things, primarily, and change how games play. Make more of an incentive for people to want to tank / heal.

Oh please.

When they say “took a year” they were probably sitting around an office kicking back ideas until someone came up with the idea and then they implemented it after getting approval.

If it took them a year to simply put it into the game - they need to hire better developers. Because fans have made more complex modes in Workshop in less time than that.

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Right… :roll_eyes:

Fans don’t have access to the very complex matchmaker, so I highly doubt that.

Be dubious all you want. But there’s no way the actual implementation (I.E. programming) took a year. Not for a billion dollar company.

You can casually search through workshop and see highly complicated modes like someone who turned Overwatch into Tower Defense or Frogger - both of which are more complicated than simply limiting which heroes can be played.

So again, if you want to be dubious on that - it’s your prerogative. But the examples exist out there.

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If you want to downplay the complexity of the situation to make your argument seem stronger, be my guest. But I’m not gonna argue with you about it. Discussion over.

I’m of two minds.
One one hand, I like it because there will always be a healer and a tank. Now you don’t get 5 DPS players and a healer and people refusing to play tank.

On the other hand, DPS queues have gone up and up. This leads to people choosing either tank or support and basically attempting to play DPS with it to reduce their own queue time. Since they’re trying to play a DPS version of a tank or support, they aren’t playing either one very well.

Now you have 2 DPS, 2 support, a D.VA and a Hog. No shield. Guess what? That’s pretty much losing a game before it even starts. I had 3 games like that today. No shields in any of them. All were losses.

I honestly don’t know what the correct solution is. Either re-work all current tank characters into DPS and have no tanks, OR you rework non-shield tanks as DPS and only keep the heroes with shields as tanks.

No shields is pretty much asking for a loss.

Sucks. Ruined all kinds of hero comps for any given map just to cater to OWL GOATS (which they did several patches and never fixed) and QP players crying about too many DPS players.

Ruined the game IMO.

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That’s why I said design perspective, and not development.

Hate role queue. It makes the game feel more limited when the original like- feeling was that you could do whatever you wanted.
I mean I get that it removed a lot of metas that were obnoxious AF but it’s still taken the fun out of Overwatch.

Then again, they’re an expert on that by now.

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Coding is like cooking. Some things requires time, no matter how many hands you put on the process. Having 6 cooks don’t allow you to bake a cake in 10 minutes. You can, however, get 6 cakes in one hour, and good management synch them up so that one hot cake get on the table every 10 minutes.

Large teams allow you to tackle multiple fronts at the same time, but matchmaker code still need to be stress tested, and there is no way to speed that part up.

Not likely, the main reason for not playing comp is that the games are just too long. I’d play more QP classic, except they keep nerfing all the wrong heroes.

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these multiple differences have been discussed on multiple 222 related threads throughout these forums

QP Classic is by far my favorite mode to play at this time, and I know nothing about it that could reasonably be described as a “clown fiesta”

That doesn’t matter. I don’t need to read a discussion thread to tell me the difference. I played in both enviornments. QPC now is no different from what the game was before role lock.

That’s fine, but it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of people probably prefer role queue and the structure it brings to the game, if the polls that you’re trying to comveniently ignore are any indication.

By the way, in lieu of classic ranked, I suggest giving ranked CTF a go. It’s not role locked and has some of that pre-RQ feeling to it.