I'm curious about the numbers of people who are staunchly against Role Queue

Dude. It IS just quickplay. The fact that it is just quickplay meant you could play off-meta without having to worry about being reported all over the place. Comp and QP were separate, but apparently the issues comp developed had to also ruin QP. That’s downright moronic design.

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Been saying it from beginning…especially now that we have QP AND QPC…we’ve never had another example of a change but still keeping previous version in game…imagine if the numbers are even remotely near each other

But we’ll never know…

I just don’t pay attention to it or them. Like the witch hunts that go on with who the next nerf complaint will be, it is literally just another situation of people knowing a lot complain about it so they also complain about it just because.

Personally I think people should just stop whining or go play another game. Not to mention Quick Play with Role Queue is not the only option, they still have the classic for people who don’t want Role Queue or Role Lock. It is like they want no Role Queue/Lock, but also want people to choose characters that are even 2-2-2.

From what I see, mainly just looks like they want to just make meaningless complains without any logic to them.

under Role Queue, it doesn’t take too long to figure out what’s most effective. For example, the presence alone of 2 tanks guarantees that low damage DPS that nevertheless could be useful in a 3-4 DPS comp to secure kills and abuse mobility (the old “Superdive” comp), such as a Tracer + Genji combos are kinda off the table simply because they can’t burst through the healing fast enough when there’s a guaranteed 2 healers and 2 tanks that’s a lot of HP to burst through.

Role queue also highlighted some too strong heroes and exacerbated their strength because now it’s more difficult to counter some heroes like Orisa Sigma or Mei when you can’t go 3+ DPS, or Hanzo when you can’t go 3+ tanks.

Overall for these reasons, role queue made the game both more boring (climbing and winning boils down to counterpicking and not outplaying anymore) and less about skill (the mentioned “overtuned heroes” are so easy to extract value from, that you can make mistakes on them and still climb whenever the enemy team doesn’t mirror your pick, enter Orisa and Baptiste).

At the same time, for the haters of the “6 DPS comps” (which were proven time and time again to be a myth), STILL rolequeue didn’t improve their climbing experience nor their ability to climb as they hoped. Much like pre Role Queue, BOTH teams were random, and that kinda offset each other and made for a fair game, now with role queue, BOTH teams are structured. The problem however is that you can’t force people to pick 1 specific hero, nor have a broad hero pool (particularly in low SR).

Let’s be honest, most DPS mains who were pro role queue don’t just want 2 tanks, they want specifically Orisa + Sigma in their team and 2 good Orisa + Sigma players for that matter, not ones who step in front of their shields.

Pro-2-2-2 Tank players would like their DPS to go Reaper (a hero most DPS players find incredibly boring and not worth waiting 10+ min in queue for) to counter the Hog so that they don’t get grabbed as often, or Mei + Hanzo to help them “outplay” the enemy tanks. I’m fairly sure that tank mains who are interested in climbing resent having Tracers, Genjis, Torbjorns, Symmetras, Sombras on their team.

Supports are the most entitled and precious of all. They were the main advocates of 2-2-2 and want anything that kills them nerfed, be it flankers or snipers. They would prefer it if the DPS class as a whole was removed from the game or nerfed into irrelevance because these guys are typically the moms and dads who consider themselves intellectuals and believe that through THEIR shot calling and average mechanics their team should win. They will typically play Ana (worst support in the game atm) vs a Moira constantly spamming orbs at them and a Doom + Genji comp and when asked to swap (by a TOXIC DPS player!) because their Ana pick is getting 0 anti-nades, 0 sleeps on the Hammond and dying always at the start of a fight, they will leave VC and out of spite not heal YOU for the rest of the game (because that surely will increase their chances of winning!)

Overwatch with 2-2-2 is in a sorry state and it’s mostly due to many (not all) entitled support mains who had their way in destroying the game.

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I enjoy role queue. I hated dealing with people squabbling over who plays what role, not having key elements to in our team, or players randomly switching roles without communicating so we have a gigantic void in the team.

Even if the devs did a survey on this forum, it would not be very accurate since most of the player base doesn’t even look at the forums or reddit for that matter. Maybe if there was a way to do a survey in the actual game we might get a more accurate number as to who likes/dislikes rq.

As a healer, it is very assuring when there is another backup in case I bite the dust; also DPSes that will look for me. Or as DPS, there are 2 tanks that can create space and take damage instead of me.

Before this system, I have nightmare of being a solo healer or have to assault fortified enemy team with no shields as squishy DPS.

Play whatever. That’s fine. But after awhile solo tank and solo support sucks. It’s not fun. Especially when the team complains about how the solo heal or tank sucks. It gets old. Learn to try. Nobody required try hard meta but 4 dps or 3 dps 2 off tanks one zen isn’t fun. Hate all you want the devs and community and pros agreed with it.

Which is a problem in and of itself and it was avoided by simply mandating a second support and tank. Problem wasn’t fixed, roles are still undesirable to play, but hey, at least we can pretend everything’s fine as DPS loudly complain about 15+ minute queues. (Now also available in ‘quick’ play for no particular reason)

I have almost only played dps since role queue. I’ve never once hit 15 minutes. And only one time have I had to wait past the ten minute mark. And I’m on console. You’re telling me of has less players. I’d rather wait 8 minutes than have 15 minutes of crap gameplay.

As a former tank main in Quickplay (and essentially a one trick in Comp), i didn’t mind solo tanking so i was fine with 1-3-2 comps. The odds of getting a decent DPS out of three increases and i tended to get pocketed by both healers.

However, role locking 1-3-2 is just as bad as locked 2-2-2. While i don’t mind solo tanking in QP and a lot of my games begin that way. I don’t actually solo tank most of the time. One of the three DPS inevitably switches to an off tank (usually roadhog or D.va) which is why i can safely say that 2-2-2 actually happens a lot more often in Quickplay than most people think.

Unlike Pros, ladder and casual players use the minimum number of tanks they can get away with. So you start with one tank, and if it turns out that the tank is enough to hold the team together, that’s the only tank you’re going to get.

Making the second tank optional is what will bring tanks back.

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VenusArmani did a literal poll through StrawPoll.com last month to see who was for and against role queue.

Every poll I’ve seen generally returns the same numbers they found; about 2/3 of players like RQ while 1/3 want it reverted.

Role Queue: Yay or Nay 2.0

RQ should have stayed an OWL only thing. Because they quite literally have to play what’s best, it makes sense that they had to bother with endless GOATS. On ladder, it was never a problem. Hell, players in OWL have found ways to beat GOATS with different comps even.

It is nothing but a lazy bandaid fix with tons and tons of problems that it brought with it and now we’re stuck with broken balance during a time balance patches take ages to roll out. Matchmaking is all over the place, games are either stomps or be stomped. Sounds like a great game to me. /s

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No True Scotsman.

As someone pointed out in a different thread, the team didn’t make a change, a huge sweeping overhaul no less, with all the development effort that entails, of how the game works and its matchmaking, if they felt it was going to be a dumpster fire, and if it was truly as unpopular a move as you suggest, we would have seen one of two things:

A) Everyone would have just stopped playing when the RQ beta went to live. That clearly didn’t happen, and in fact Jeff mentioned that the highest ever concurrent player pop on PTR, that forever maligned feedback loop, was when they premiered RQ on it.

B) If it had significantly impacted the playerbase, either in terms of lost players or from majority negative feedback, they would have just scrapped the system. No system, not even one that involved as much development resources as RQ, would have been worth an appreciable chunk of the playerbase, nor do I think Overwatch is such a golden cow that corporate ActiBliz would allow something that was costing them customers to continue running.

I am against it.

  • Players that DPS are stuck in long Q times.
  • Players taking roles that they are NOT good at. in order to cut down on Q times.
  • DPS players bored and “want the match just to end”.
  • Healers that are ONLY doing damage and not healing.
  • Significantly higher expectations of players to do their role.
  • Players that are not able to swap to the role, if someone doesn’t know what they are able to do.

Yes, Healing and Tanks are a problem when it comes to Competitive play. I completely AGREE that one locked Role for a Tank and a Locked Role for a healer IS important. But for the sake of Metas. It doesn’t help if the person that took the role isn’t able to do their job correct.

It would be different if the skill caps on healers and tanks would be lower.

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Being reported for that in comp is false report as well. Hero pick by itself is not a reportable offense.

Every role queue pool that also asked what people usually queue for have a majority queueing for tank and support. If those pools reflected reality, DPS would be the shortest queue time in the game.

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Blizz has flip-flopped on that, though. There were people getting banned for playing Torb, which can be a consequence of the automated system, sure. But when one of them appealed the ban, a representative told him that the ban would be upheld and that he was expected to switch when his team asks him to as part of the required co-operation with teammates.

Reinhardt + Orisa + Sigma…

That was precisely the intent of my original post, before the thread turned into the usual love/hate RQ argument.