I'm curious about the numbers of people who are staunchly against Role Queue

While I’m of an opinion that the implementation of Role Queue was a net positive for the game, I’d be curious to find out how many people there actually are who would see it reverted. It would be interesting if Blizzard did a limited event season for classic ranked and posted what percentage of the population played it beyond the initial placements.

Edit: highlighted the main proposal/premise of the thread.


i think its increasing the more the queue times and this meta remains


From a design perspective, it’s the laziest possible solution to the problem at the time, and the equivalent of not just kicking, but headbutting the hornets nest.


I have no issue with role queue. I can tank and heal with peace of mind that there is someone else in that role too supporting me.


We’ll never know.

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine Blizzard to be forthcoming with such statistics, but it would be nice to have a limited season of pre-role queue ranked. If only to compare the two, now that we’ve spent some time in role lock.

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As it is right now? Revert.
With some changes I would say keep it, such as allowing backfilling low rank comp games (under diamond) within the 30 seconds.

They would never give accurate percentages. They would claim the role queue was still the best thing since peanut butter.

Personally I dislike it very much. So I play the game less and less each week.


While I’m not against it, there have been times where I felt like I could Tank better than what our tanks were doing.

I mean role queue is bad to me but going back to freedom queue is not much better alhonesty. Hate to see Sigma, Orisa, and Reinhardt all together in Main core of game possible being a meta. Although Sigma probably wouldn’t never exist though.

dpsers are against it, and they dont even realize they can reduce their queue times, if they all picked all roles when they queue

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As well as many Support players, Tank players, and Flexers


I think it is about playing DPS vs not playing overwatch at all. They want to play (a specific) DPS hero, not something else I guess. It is understandable. Games are meant to entertain us.

The perfect world lies somewhere around “all roles are equally fun to the whole population or all roles attract equal numbers of players” It should be driven that way then. Idk if more tanks and supports should be added to attract more players, if the roles should be changed to sooome degree…

But saying dps should que as something else is not a solution. Playing another role does not reduce your que times for dps. it reduces que times to play something someone does not want (if you want to play 1 role).

Also, there is the issue that many players complain that you cannot switch/fill/flex during the match.


So that’s great. What was your solution to an entire community not flexing and not willing to work together after a game has been around for 3 years? Kicking the hornets nest may be dumb. But also allowing the nest to grow into a colony isn’t a bright idea either.


Role queue would be a perfect fit for OWL/Contenders restrictions to ensure a better watching experience, and maybe also fit in Competitive because that’s the game mode supposed to mirror the pro experience.

The main mistake was adding it to Quick Play, because that’s where the casual portion of your player base sits. Forcing them all to join “comp lite” will not turn them into Comp players. It’s more probable they move on to other games that scratch their casual itch harder.

I know Quick Play Classic exists, but I think the better way to implement that would be to keep QP as QP, and made the new mode “Unranked”, which would be a bridge between the other two main modes. Shoving QPC into arcade was mostly an attempt to hide it, which end up making many casual players forget it is there.

It also didn’t helped that up until they announced role queue, the most common piece of advise shared in every single guide out there was to spread your hero pool across all roles so that you are able to cover for any vacuum in the team formation.

Role queue basically made everyone that spend three years doing exactly that into pariahs. The flex playstyle was euthanized, and competitive flex players had to adapt or leave (casuals had QPC left for them).

I’m sure I’m not the only flex player that is salty about role queue because of that.


There were a few polls on the forum.

All of them showed that about 2/3 is in favor of RQ while 1/3 is against it.


The ones that also asked which role you queue for, heavily favored support and tank queues. If those pools reflected reality, DPS would be the shortest queue in the game.


As someone that’s mostly played dps since role queue, I like it too. I’ve only had to wait more than ten minutes once. It’s not that bad. I have other things I can do while waiting. And most importantly. I only have one other dps on my team.



I am a support main and find 222 to be the very worst change ever added to this game

I know of no valid data to support the claim of a majority


that’s pretty much the only issue…
Like a BBQ when you run out of drinks… People will over look pretty much everything else if they can keep slugging down beer and soda. Once that stops, here comes the whines.

If everyone was slugging down 4-5min wait times there would be way, way less concern about anything else 222 based.
Role queue straight up saved QP, like it’s better by a factor of at least x10. It helped comp but not as much being there wasn’t a SR soft reset and the lack of patches we expected to come with 222 are way more of an issue in comp than QP.

IMO right now QP is more fun than comp just because of 222 and the lack of pure meta being played. If player just want to have fun playing, stop playing comp for a while and get away from this terrible meta 24/7