If Brigitte Can't Shield Bash Through Barrier

Her ultimate used to be nearly impossible to counter in it’s original incarnation. It was super unfair.

Torb being the only person that counters armor does feel pretty bad tbh.

Reaper and Soldier 76 I know definitely don’t enjoy shooting armor, not like they are meta but just pointing out how armor does ruin some DPS potential.

I’d like to point out I’m not even close to a Brigitte main or anything, I’m a Pharah main of all things trying to convey how Brigitte is getting too murdered for her own good.


As a Reaper player I find armor is a bit irrelevant. You just have to aim for the head since a headshot to armor does 180 per shots he shoots twice a second so that’s 360 dps.

Actually her ult is pretty good especially against dps like Tracer, Sombra (cause she can’t hack it), Soldier, Genji etc
It will force thel to ult if they want to commit the kill. Also in a teamfight having her ult + her passive it gives a lot of healing.

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I forgot somehow that Tracer bomb does get shafted hard vs Brigitte Ult. It seemed like they nerfed her bomb intentionally so it was not countering Brigitte for some reason (not just for placing it on tanks).

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It also gave her a really easy way to start a push. When she shield bashes Reinhardt, his shield goes down, making him vulnerable. This change will allow her team to kill the enemy Rein and push in.

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In my opinion Reinhardt interaction is okay. I am more worried for Winston. If it won’t go trough barriers protecting my healers from zap will be harder.

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All barriers friend. All barriers. If it was just Reinhardt it’s a minor issue I would agree.

Which she is supposed to counter dive… I think?

Brig counters Dive meta by protecting the squishies of her team.

Apperently she counters everything according to forums.


And the forums counter my brain, soft counter though. Sometimes I can prevail still with skill and cunning.

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If every hero did have the same functionality and values for abilities that are somewhat similar, what would be the point of different heroes at all?

Did I imply anything less than all barriers? Yes, you will learn how to adapt, and frankly I am super glad that you wont be able to walk all over Winston any more, he needed this change WAY more than Rein did, although Rein did as well. Finally, it gives even more value to Symmetra’s ult, you will need to actually pay attention to positioning before committing to a shield bash.

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I think if Reinhardt could still be stunned / unable to move by the contact… or possibly even knocked back (a minor boop?) by the blow a little bit it would make sense. One does not simply ignore being clashed up against just as much as it makes sense his barrier would still hold up meanwhile.

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yeah counter isn’t just faceroll all, you still have to play somehow decent.
Counter means you should have a advantage in the matchup, again not steamroll

Symmetra Ult will not stop the most commonly used DPS so this changes nearly nothing for her sad to say.

As for learning to adapt… I mean this is exactly what people said in how to counter Brigitte for ages. Which is exactly what people said about vanilla Roadhog. Which is exactly what people still say to people arguing Pharah is OP still.

You can’t use the argument of “learn to adapt” because people want to overlook this and find reasons to not do it. They rather the game adapt to them instead which is easier of course for people being the victim of the perceived OP threat.

it moves you 6 meters, thats almost a tracer blink in distance, its a movement ability

Because that would be unfair to other heroes who don’t deserve it.

Seriously I don’t think this is as bad as people think.

A lot of people complained of consistency when you could no longer damage boost dragons. But in the end it worked out really well.

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If you play a support hero you will know what not being able to do certain functions of your kit can feel like especially when fighting against dive happening right in your face with a barrier blocking your sole purpose on your team.

Brigitte getting this treatment to a wider range of her skills than healers who can’t heal through barriers is simply atrocious. It’s down right disturbing when she is perfectly counter able without this change. If they do this change at all it needs to be more than just her otherwise this sends a wrong message for balance in this game, let alone they will be throwing her into a zone where she needs buffs to compensate which would take half a year probably based on previous heroes who got over nerfed.

Except after the change you could still gain ult charge for damage boosting that and d.va ult, but that was patched out, and you still get assist credit for damage boosting those ults

Wow this is a game breaking bug. Jeff please fix I literally can’t play the game