What are your thoughts on the Brigitte changes?

I think you’re all over reacting. (Shocking)

Unless you play main tank (most notably, Rein) this change does absolutely nothing to nerf Brig. She’ll still be able to 1v1 every DPS hero in the game and probably win if put in her strongest area (short range), and effectively delete all non-shield tanks.

Her healing and armor packs didn’t get nerfed. Her bash range didn’t get nerfed again. The only change is not going through shields. So, unless you play main tank you’re still going to hate Brig just as much as you do now.

I think it still won’t satisfy some people.

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Winston is going to benefit too, his typical shield dance is going to work wonders on her now.

She doesn’t even need to land the bash (not that it’ll even be effected by this change anyway) to counter dive. Literally every single part of her kit counters dive and arguably, the armor and burst heal is the strongest counter in the first place.

I see why they took this route. But she risk being too underpowered, I think if she can use whip shot Rein through shield it could prevent that from happening. Its not as strong as a stun but it can still trigger her Inspire.

What about when stunning him through the shield only then, it’ll still do the damage and have the stun effect but the shield won’t drop if someone stuns reinhardt throught his shield, it could be like a passive ability of some sort.

It would at least be consistent.

yeah being able to shield bash the rein and shatter is cool… but you don’t have to. I mean let’s be honest you’re already running a dva, so you can just shatter and self destruct like the good old days and there isn’t much the enemy can do about it. Or you could just rocket punch him. Or you could just flashbang him. Or you could just… you get it. There’s a lot of other ways to do the exact same thing, and people have been doing them for a long time. They just use Brig because she’s been, by far, the easiest way in a long time.

It’s nothing but a qol fix, and it probably won’t change much about why people have so much distaste for playing with or against brigs.

As someone posted on Twitter. Something about needing more heroes that are high-risk high-reward ability, not low-risk high-reward.

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Continuing off of what i said the passive ability could further extend to negating the knockback of doomfist’s rocket punch/uppercut too so it’s more of a actual passive.

I think it’s not enough. Whipshot should also be a 6s cd, and her ult shouldn’t bypass enemy barriers/shields.

If they do that then truly, the whiniest segment of the Overwatch community that refuses to learn to play different characters and despises any character that doesn’t fit their criteria for “skill” will truly be in charge.

Maybe it is just me, but I don’t see Shield and Barrier as the same thing. They function the same way, but are different. One is stationary while the other one can be move.

We have to wait and see how the Devs sees it when the shield bash changes goes onto the PTR.

Are you really this ignorant? Do you have any idea how stupid 1v1 Brig duels will look? Her healing is the WORST in the game. Why would you ever take her and her meh ulti, her crap heals and her MELEE WEAPON instead of Lucio, Mercy and Moira? Even Zen and Ana will be better.

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Fair point about the Winston bubbles. In that case you’ll now need to be careful who you try to Shield Bash.

Shield Bash shouldn’t 100% guarantee that she wins the engagement. She should have to coordinate to take down dive and flankers, not be able to solo against all of them.

Reintard 100% pick rate incoming

As a rein main, this is the wrong nerf lol.

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100th comment on this thread guys.
Personal record is 112.
Am I beating that?

Being serious, as a fellow Rein main Brig was fine after the first nerf

Rein is perfectly fine. Blame Ana and Brigitte for having too much burst healing.

It’s the entire reason soldier and orisa suck right now, because only instant burst damage matters.

Ana doesn’t shoulder nearly as much of the blame as she should.

She’s basically Hanzo 2.0 levels of power, only nobody cares because she doesn’t have a reliable stun.