I miss the hero called Symmetra (1.0 & 2.0) 😔

All the things you listed are opinions; I didn’t find her orbs useless in team fights. I didn’t find her barrier to be difficult to understand or utilize. I didn’t think her ultimate was useless either, I enjoyed having the choice between ferrying my team faster to a secret location or shielding them/myself for more aggressive plays.

Just because you like 3.0 more doesn’t mean she’s ‘objectively better’ with the things you listed. Saying that her turrets went from static to flying; that’s a fact. Stating that her orbs were ‘useless in a team fight’ because you never learned how to charge and hand-deliver them to someone’s face is an opinion.


You call my points opinions, but at least I actually elaborate on them.

Where did I say I didn’t know how to use Symm’s orbs? For someone who cares about facts, you sure make a lot of assumptions about people you don’t know. And if you knew anything about those orbs, they not only traveled slowly, they took even longer to fully charge than they do now. Add that to your list of facts.

Besides, Symm still can charge orbs and hand deliver them to people’s faces in her 3.0 version, and she does it better than she’s ever done before because they travel fast, charge fast, and splash on impact.


Here’s where you said it. It’s not an assumption, that’s what you said.

And yeah, her 3.0 orbs hand-delivered are similar, even identical - I was simply pointing out that they were not, as YOU SAID, ‘useless in team fights’. I’d far rather be charging 2.0’s beam on someone than using an orb, but if you were going around a corner or wanted to amp-up your burst damage you could charge an orb and pop that on someone then beam them right after for a nice pre-planned double whammy.

My point was just this; you said a bunch of stuff that was super opinion based. Your playstyle likes 3.0 more than 2.0; fine. That doesn’t change that it’s all opinion based.

And if you knew anything about Symmetra you’d know that this is all garbage, honestly everyone who loves 3.0 and her new kit top to bottom seem to actually just be genji and doom mains that never even play her but insist that she’s ‘so much better!’ now. I mean come on, they’re nerfing her already weak as crap turrets? They reduced the slow and now they’re taking away 10 whole damage points, but yeah, nothing to see here, move along?

Some sym main you must be lol.


I love all the new crybabies crying about necessary Ult nerfs I’m so sick of all these shields, God damn finally.
Same thing goes for Moira, just because they abused an OP hero they are crying now when it gets nerfed, really funny to me.
And if you want a completely new hero I’m not even sure why you write in here! She already got a Rework, yet you still keep dreaming.

Dude I -hate- her shield ultimate, I’ve hated it since day one. I think it’s the most ridiculously dumb thing in the game; even over, say, Reaper’s shadowstep, which is pretty impressively bad and useless.

There’s no reason a DPS character should have a defensive ult that can be so easily squandered or wasted or ignored. It’s just pathetic and makes an already passive character even more passive than she was before.


Well… BUT it’s way more useful…
With 2 other shield tanks it’s down right broke.
So glad it got nerfed.
(Btw new reaper shadow step is way better and useful at least.)

Well I don’t. I never found symm to be an engaging character until her rework. Her TP and turrets allow you to pull off cheeky strats and her beam is a lot more fun to use.

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Gurl, you’re not alone. I miss her so much, too :frowning:

I don’t enjoy her current version to the point I completely stopped trying to even learn her. And I have over 100 hours on 2.0’s.

It’s not my Symmetra…


lets let this sink in… her 2.0 version sentries did more damage than her whole kit in the current pbe lol

Enjoy how weak she currently is now.

She was fun before Sigma hit live. The TP changes wrecked her whole playstyle and made her into a boring beam bot with some tps sprinkled in.

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Sym 2.0 was more engaging and fun, the only one’s that complain about old sym are non sym mains, and trash players that think moving their arm means more then positioning and map knowledge.

she was a utility support, 75 hp health is a life saver if you actually think about it, it saves you from one shots and allows squishier targets to be more aggressive. Health stacking wasn’t a problem until Brig was released ( what a great character really, well thought out by the devs I’m sure ).

she is a beam bot that does nothing but beam shields and turret bomb, and now even that’s trash tier. A giant wall for an ult is lazy, it’s like they wanted her to build something but had no idea what. she’s not meant for dps she’s meant for support, that’s not healing. I really hope the devs ( even though they wont ), make more supports that aren’t heal bots.

Try making mercy into a dps, or make genji into a support, make rein into a dps, how is that going to workout? it’s not because that’s not what they’re meant for. Same with sym.

She was meant to universally protect her team, genji diving the support, just melt him, tracer, turrets to slow her rush, etc.
3.0 is a meme


holy crap i think i just found a new copypasta

I remember Sym 1.0, they change that perfect Symm because “Is nit finny”

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I have a POTG of old Sym that I watch from time to time, and it always makes me pine for the days of old Sym.


YIKES. That’s actually tragic.


yet before the meta 3.0 stayed the 2nd least played hero and dropped in both pick rates AND win rate. Saying that doesn’t matter is extremely delusional. Stop.


i’ll post a potg i had with symmetra when the game first came out, i was excited that i got one with symmetra

you’ll have to excuse the choppyness and low rez, but thats me, doing some good ole flankin
i know her lock on was cheap and made me feel dirty, but man was it fun

also i laugh at lucios death scream, its like perfect sync with the potg ending


Her rework deletion pretty much told me that the two years I spend mastering her kit were thrown out of the window, and thus there was no reason for me to invest that heavily in any further personal development, since I’m an average player that have no desire to climb up the ladder.

So, I stopped recording my games, watching them back to fix out my mistakes, and study more about the game strategy in general. And without this fire of improvement pushing me to become better, the game became very stale to me.

After that point, I was basically only playing when friends invited, and mostly playing on autopilot instead of being the pro-active shotcaller I used to be. At least I still had my big hero pool to let me cover for any team formation my team would like to play.

(Then role queue removed even that from me, but not the point of the thread)

The day Symmetra died was the day I started to honestly consider quitting the game. I did it once. I’m currently doing it again (Probably will come back for Junkenstein and other PvE events). And honestly, anything other than a Symmetra reversal, or Echo release with an approximate gameplay of Sym 2.0 will never bring me back.

I still reference my personal buff list now and then. Especially when people like to parrot that “there was not way to buff her in a healthy manner”.

People said she was too passive and boring to play, but that heavily dismiss the ones that enjoyed her because of her strategical gameplay that relied on micromanagement and preparation instead of being able to point-and-click with their reticle. Especially for those like me, who never were big FPS fans in the first place. One of the major reasons I joined Overwatch (and TF2 before) was because it was a team-based objective-focused game where you don’t rely on aiming to be a good asset to your team.


To be fair, Sym 1.0 was panic nerfed during the beta, and the dev team didn’t had enough time to tinker with her before the announced release date. She was… incomplete.

Which is why the Sym 2.0 rework was the best rework ever done in this game. One that retained the original gameplay of the character, and improved upon their weakest points while retaining their identity.

Sym 1.0, however, would be a great starting point if the devs wanted to turn her into a “healer support” instead of a “beambot DPS”. They just had to recover the old Photon Shield and make it heal somewhat like Brigitte’s old Repair pack, with temporary decaying shield as overhealing.

And I still stand that Shield Generator was probably the most OP ultimate in this game, and severely underrated. Overhealing breaks so much balance math that people only started to notice it on Brigitte because she had DOUBLE of the potency of Shield Gen at her launch (ie, they made an OP mechanic even worse). The thing charged so fast that it didn’t really mattered when the enemy broke it because you would have another one ready to deploy at the end of the next teamfight. And it was absurdly easy to notice Tracer or Dva flanking into it, and you could warn your team to push 6v5 on the enemy team in exchange for your ult.


Also back in the days the idea of a support that cannot actually heal at all was interesting, and opened up the door for a lot of ideas in regards to indirect support.