I kinda want a symmetra revert

Honestly you don’t need to play a hero to understand them. I think what you got is fine, I barely play Doom but I still understand him.


Well its clear you have already decided you have more experience then him. I’m just saying that might not be the case.

Also I don’t get triggered, I am the trigger.


Sure thing, whatever you say.

Well i’m not sure what it means to you, though it sounds like it means people who aren’t Sym mains. As if Sym mains are the only people allowed to talk about Sym.

whether you place tp dynamically or statically, you now have long periods of time
where you don’t have tp to use or cast, or you can’t cast it because you need to save it for something else. so what’s left? orb + turret spam from afar, waiting for a golden opportunity to w+m1 to be given to you by your team because tp’s not there to get you into the fight. sound familiar? yeah because that’s pre-sym3.0.

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Agree, killing the same Genji over and over again does get old. As well as babysitting your tele and waiting in the back line for something to kill.

I think Sym 3.0 is way more engaging and rewarding.

Sometimes you do if you want your points to be stronger. It’s like studying for a test.

If it’s coming from that hero then that is the case.

whatever you say.

They pretended as if they knew the hero tooth and nail, but they didn’t. They just know of her kit from that version. Their opinions don’t hold much value when they only focus on one concept “auto lock”.

Those who doesn’t understand her kit well or explored it to its full potential.

No, but going against them who has more exposure to the hero depending when they became a Symmetra main should be acknowledged.

That’s fine and dandy, but not overall effective.

Is that how you played her? Well you shouldn’t spam turrets because that’s just wasting them in one spot to be destroyed easily. You had to be careful where you place them. Left orb can be spammed, but you’re not doing damage where if you hold it which took a couple more seconds. If precise especially on chokes you can build your ultimate fast.

Doing it from afar doesn’t grant W+M1 opportunities unless you faced easier opponents. I am guessing you must have had photon barrier push supporting ya to do those attempts right? Overall your tactics on pre Sym 3.0 doesn’t sound familiar at all, but more of a mix between 3.0 since you said spam turrets like it was some turret teleport bomb technique.

Is that how you played her? So you didn’t do much.

The only reason why you say that and from what I can gather from others including myself. It’s a easier version for players and they don’t have to put much work into it unlike previous versions. 2.0 and previous versions you had to be precise where you place the teleport and also setting up the car wash. Players prefer easily kits than complex ones. You get excitement out of it and can feel rewarding compared to complex kits.

Practically 2.0 and previous versions are the rated R movies where as 3.0 is rated PG.

So your some kind of Sym GM?

All opinions have value.

That does not mean we should completely ignore them or kick them out of the discussion.

No, that is just one play style i’ve seen, I have my own.

Your joking right? That is not skill, those things are beyond easy. Sym 2.0 had a lock on beam which did the attacking for her. She was as low skill as Moira.
Anyone with a brain can figure the best place for a tele and turrets, its not rocket science.

You complain about players preferring easy kits but everything in Sym 2.0 kit did everything for you.

Is that way you don’t like Sym 3.0, because you gotta actually aim and do stuff yourself?

When your mindset is like this. I don’t even need to acknowledge your post. You fit the agenda like most of them. One concept “auto lock” is how you view Symmetra as whole. I got your number down like the rest of them.

It’s not challenging. It’s downgrade compared to the previous version. They made 3.0 easy for players like you. Aim is one thing, but scrapping her original design than just trying to find ways to make it work is a disgrace. Knowing you guys it was just “auto lock” to y’all.

So that means everyone disagrees with you, good to know. No wonder, you probably think Moria has the highest skill ceiling in the game.

And why are you getting my number, you wanna stalk me or something? Do you carry around a list of numbers for everyone that disagrees with you?

Its a downgrade because it was a brain dead auto attack that requires no skill what so ever.

Sym 3.0 still has her turrets and a pretty good TP. She just needs to actually aim know instead of M1+W.

Auto attacks make a hero brain dead to play, no matter what their abilities are. Plus Sym 2.0’s kit was not heavy skill required anyway.

I will not say those didn’t existed because they did. But the vast majority of Sym players I know don’t gave a fork if she was being played in tournaments or not. It was a consensus that her weak point was coordination, which was a given in tournaments.

Every Sym main had their own opinion on what they thought would be good for the character (here’s mine), but not on the grounds that “she was never picked in OWL”. That was the non-Sym players complaining.

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Just you 3 which isn’t a lot.

Yeah, but you’re so focus on auto lock that nothing else comes to your mind. 3.0 made everything easy for her kit. It’s kindergarten kit, but you don’t want to acknowledge because auto auto lock lock lock from 2.0. :man_shrugging:
That is your focus.

Well obviously you never heard of that term. It means “I know your patterns or I am familiar with tactics with what you’re displaying”. I mean that lingo isn’t that old.

I never said 1 spot, I meant maintaining them up.

this is still spam. they were too slow to realistically lead in most situations because people could easily dodge them.

spamming orbs and maintaining turrets up whilst waiting for opportunities (made by the team) for a flank, w+m1, etc. was all old sym could do, esp on attack. e.g. eichenwalde or hanamura attack, until your team decides to push past the choke, you as old sym can’t go move forward to pressure with m1 or flank, all you could do was setup some turrets for flankers or in case they push past choke, wait for your team to do something whilst spam orbs to get ult and maybe help damage and continue waiting until an opportunity arises.

sym 3.0 has tp to solve that issue to let her access flanks or to actually directly flank the enemy, etc. like just in general let her zone out enemy territory and expand her own rather than just enhance what you already have without going “teeeeam DO something!”. but now tp’s on high down time basically reviving that issue.

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Don’t you mean 4?

Because that was one of the biggest changes they made, everything else mostly stayed the same.

Its also her primary source of damage. Everyone knows to shoot the turrets by now. So having her primary damage changed to actually require precise aiming is not a kindergarten’s kit. However blindly pressing M1+W is.
What part of Sym 3.0’s kit got dumbed-down if everything stayed mostly the same?
Even her turrets and TP require a little more skill now since you can deploy them from afar.

Or you actually got my number and plan to stalk me.

but you never specified that until now and you can’t spam them once they’re all on cool down. That logic is not effective.

Only to those who were aware or at choke points.

So you agree you have to do more work with old Symmetra to make precise attempts compared to 3.0.

See? Easy mode for players that couldn’t do much on 2.0. You now have access to teleport, you can now throw your turrets though losing 3, but you lost auto lock as your execute and also photon barrier push which is now a stationary barrier ultimate. Two abilities went fine, but other 3 got demoted. Overwall a downgrade.

I don’t think I need to repeat myself on that again once you see the differences.

Point remains the same.

and became easier yes we discussed this.

but the rest of her kit is made it easier for players which is why I said what I said.

Throw turrets, teleport, faster charge though weak aoe, beam recharges on shield. Need I say more?

That’s what makes it easier now instead of facing incoming danger. :roll_eyes:

Stop being silly and you shouldn’t joke like that. If you don’t know that term then say you’re not familiar with.

I honestly prefer Symmetra 3.0 over Symmetra 2.0. The only thing I miss and think they should bring back is Shield Generator. Or at least give her some sort passive ability that work similar to it. She could use the survivability buff.

Been suggesting this concept for a long time, but they don’t want to do it.

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Recharging your beam on a shield actually puts you in real danger, since you gotta be pretty close.

Pressing Q and walking up to a wall is not exactly the hardest thing to do. Sym 2.0 was already pretty bad at close range anyway.
At least now you gotta aim them so they don’t go to spots you don’t want. Just because something is more viable does not mean they are easier.

I can joke however I wanna joke.

But they’re not funny. They’re like dad jokes level and lowered like this recent one cause you don’t know phrases.

Somewhat, but you’re with your team or doing it unnoticed.

Yeah, but you couldn’t toss it. That’s why it’s easier now making the gameplay smooth on that end.

Well if you no longer have to walk to a wall and hit Q when you can toss it. That makes the gameplay easier.

Syms old barrier was 900 dewd…

no. because old sym wasn’t the sym making precise attempts but rather just waiting for the opportunity to arise and have others do things for you because sym’s kit itself lacks the ability to do so e.g. getting in range, or sustaining herself to charge up her m1 or m2 in effective range, etc.

sym3.0 before infinite tp was more about actually precise attempts to go out on her own to do things i.e. actually sym doing things to be considered as an “attempt”. not to mention actually needing aim (you know… a thing that requires precision).

difference being from struggling from core design issues:

  1. no mobility to engage and disengage to justify her effective range; and
  2. no sustain in her effective range to justify her delays

in pre-3.0, to only suffering 2. in 3.0 pre-infinite tp patch but having work-arounds for 2. And then now reviving issue 1. with the tp cd nerf going back towards sym 1.0~2.0 life.

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So basically precise attempts you don’t acknowledged.

Overall 3.0 precise attempts became much easier than a struggle and you can stop with the aim thing. The beam isn’t the only ability in her kit like I understand you guys like boasting about it saying “I don’t need auto lock to get kills” Look players who knew her original design acknowledged that. Auto lock served its purpose for specific heroes while giving other problems if Symmetra survived the ordeal.

From difficult to easy. That’s what the change did. She became quite flexible, but at a slight cost.

Don’t care, your not the joke police.

I’m sure someone will notice a Sym targeting their barrier, and you can’t always relay on your team.

Tossing it requires some aiming, were before you could just press one button.

No, you often place turrets on your back line as Sym 2.0. So there is no danger of actually placing them. You cannot go to the middle of the enemy team in a gun fight and start placing turrets. That is a great way to die.

Also Sym 2.0 had six turrets, but Sym 3.0 only has three. So placing turrets is more risky, plus they can still be destroyed mid air. So there is less room for error.

Even if Sym 2.0’s kit was much harder, that dose not excuse the brain dead auto lock. Which is her must important source of damage.

I couldn’t agree more.

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