I kinda want a symmetra revert

Symmetra 2.0 was just such a wonderful hero. I really miss playing her.

I really don’t have any grounds on why she needs a revert but honestly I think she kinda needs like a rework-vert, turning her back into real symmetra, while also changing her kit

I’d really like for her to get a “soft lock on”, which would lock on but would do damage the better your tracking was, meaning that if someone was like far off your cross hare it’d do like 50 dps, but perfect tracking would be like 140


I’d like it if they reverted her back to before the TP rework :sob:


I just want photon shield so i can pop it right when dva’s ult explodes and save my team…it was so epic


I really liked Symm before she got dumpster tiered. She had her niche in OWL whilst GOATS was a thing but Blizzard has to ruin it. Didn’t like Symm 2.0 though.


i dont want 2.0 back as she was i want 2.1 with tweaks and changes the Sym community were begging for for OVER A YEAR WITHOUT A SINGLE TWEAK.

Throwable turrets.

Ability to pause her barriers flight.

Faster charging/flying orbs.

Shield generation aura passive.

Sym 2.0 was so fun to play but horribly executed

Oh and move her to the tank category


Sig really took that and ran with it huh :thinking:


As long as they keep the lock-on aspect away from her kit I’m down for changes to her


I remember how the devs said she was kept back because of her lock-on beam. I think it’s pretty apparent now it’s the devs themselves keeping her in the bottom…


Calling Occupants from Interplanetary Craft

you practically already have it. current sym is legit between 1.0 and 2.0 with a tp that’s practically non-existent most of the game.

I’d rather a revert to the real sym3.0 (before infinite tp patch) tyvm. and tbh I find that sym to be “the real sym” esp when you compare with the comics.


My favorite part of sym 2.0 was junkrat’s voiceline for her shield generator


Dude… do you post on Sym like every two days or so with these threads? I mean, come on… you’re not getting a revert, ever to Sym 2.0. Constructive discussion on improvements to the kit are one thing, but just sitting around talking about the good old days… there comes a point to accept reality and move on.


If they revert her, they’d need to keep some aspects of 3.0, and I’m in favour of either the throwable turrets or the range increase to primary.

Photon Barrier was her bread and butter
Tp and disco ball were amazing ults
Turrets were good, maybe increase their health to 3.0 level as well
Obviously lower her dps to 2.0 standards, cause 180 with no aim would legit be broken

So I say revert her with tweaks. People who hate sym will sit there and scream blind that she doesn’t deserve a place in OW, but she does and some sort of a revert, even if its only as far as her tp rework on 3.0 will make the hero 150% better


Sym people: the quest for the IWIN button.

Coming to a theater near you

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Sorry but they don’t do reverts on hero reworks :frowning:.

3.0 is #NotMySymmetra


Weird because sym onetricks said “symm worst Hero, Zero Playtime in OWL needs buffs” … Just proves people are biased and the devs should never Listen to this Forums.

As long as they don’t revert the fact that now she needs to aim I say go for it.

That would give her a better shield up time than Orisa

Orisa: 900hp on a 10 second cooldown

Symmetra: 1000hp on a 10 second cooldown.