I kinda want a symmetra revert

and with your description right there proves Sym 2.0 provided more work which I have been saying this whole time. Go ahead debate more, but I won this case already especially with your responses. :wave:

What killed your argument? Auto lock :slight_smile:

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No, how is pressing M1+W more work?
I just said her auto lock beam kills whatever high skill potential her kit would have had.

I did not say her auto lock requires more work.

Don’t bend my words.

Or are you starting to become delusional from all this time talking with me. I recommend taking a break.

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Soo, you just made this whole post, attracted 100s of players and just brought up an opinion which you can’t even support with one single argument?

Next post…

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That’s how you gather information. Profit.

Take your own advice if this is how you truly handle discussions. Don’t compete with something you can’t handle and have a nice break.

And by ““better”” do you mean 150% more frustrating to play against, 150% more situational and 150% more “low skill = high reward” of a hero as Symmetra 2.0 used to be?

Yeah… A huge pass from me.

I do take breaks and I’m actually being serious. We’ve been talking for so long so I understand you want a resolve. Even if it means bending my words to get it.

I may disagree with you, but I don’t want to drive you crazy from talking to me.

I didn’t bend anything. You said it yourself in your own description about 2.0 “even if it was harder” you still won’t acknowledge it over auto lock. Nothing more need to be said. You can disagree, but you’re not driving me crazy. You’re doing that yourself.

Overall I already got my answer from all 4 of y’all which made it easy. You haven’t gotten your resolve yet.

No i hate moria bs auto lock on no aim we dont need another one lol sym actaully takes skill now witch is great. But a lock on shouldnt be in the game.

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You’ve misinterpreted my post.

As that is not what I said, not even close.

I just said even if it was harder, her primary fire is so busted that it negates it anyway.
And I meant it ironically since her kit is not even close to hard.
I also said “harder” , not “high skilled”. Harder things can still require low skill.

You know, Moira’s orbs require some skill, but everyone still agrees she is low skill.

Actually I apologize. I should not insult you like that by calling you mad, sorry.
So I removed that part.

Umm, gather what information exactly?

This comment section is just filled with people who respectably miss Symmetra 2.0, but have no arguments to support their views rather than their nostalgia, some others who continue to bring up the same debunked arguments, some completely delusional ones and some others who actually bring up thoughtful and well - constructed points and this is true for both sides of the argument.

But what everyone’s missing is that Blizzard in no way is going to revert Symmetra 2.0. The rework and the newly - introduced kit was overall a success after she finally got balanced stat - wise after a whole year of being blatantly underpowered and therefore in the shadows, 3.0 is a much more skillful pick and I’m 100% sure that the grand majority of the player base would agree that she’s also much less frustrating to play against than her predecessor.

And due to the much - lowered situational nature of Symmetra 3.0 (and the overall lack of pubstomping elements), that had lead to get player base almost doubling if we compare it to Symmetra 2.0’s (0.8 overall pick rate VS 1.6%), which means that Blizzard would I no way benefit financially from the reworks but most probably cause damage to themselves.

That’s why people just need to stop advocating for such pipe dreams, but actually doable ones, such as buffing the overnerfed Symmetra 3.0, or introduce Symmetra 2.0 and other reworked heroes as playable ones I Workshop, adapt and move on.

I understand your frustration and thst you miss Symmetra 2.0, I would be sad as well if Reinhardt was reworked from the ground up, but only if that rework didn’t happen for a reason, something that in no way can be said for Symmetra 2.0…

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Technically Sym still had hers when Moira was around. Problem is one had life steal while the other didn’t. Symmetra had to work hers up and survive the battle without getting hit. That’s the design of her auto lock, but players in this community have a love hit scan more than any other weaponry. They want it similar to pure fps game than moba elements.

Try to find your resolve cause I got mine.

You’re forgiven.

Whatever you gather from this thread.

Look everyone knows about Symmetra versions. People miss the old one for specific reasons, but they keep forgetting about how it was originally design. Blizzard failed this hero and toss her into another role, but this isn’t the first time I have seen their tactics. I’m not going to start on that rant, but for Symmetra she’s a lost cause. Don’t even bother with statistics.

If a developer cared about the playerbase and its feedback especially during ptr. This hero would be in a better spotlight, but it took them 2 years to decide something for her than try other tweaks that’s been suggested. 3.0 came and they still failed with that and recently received a nerf due to a meta. Overall they’re not good at tweaking the heroes in this game because they take too long on them. That’s not a good sign.

I am disappointed with them. They hardly even tried to make shield support work. All those feedback and this is what they produced? A dps role? Waste of investment.

Ehh, they’re the most objective metrics here, so sorry but I simply cannot ignore them no matter what you say…

Very true, they failed with the balance of the hero… But as for 3.0’s kit design I overall believe they did a good job and a much better one (at least in my opinion) than their work on 2.0…

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Ok I understand now, your sick of talking to me and just want to get it over with.
So sure, you got your resolve.
I will not force you to keep talking to me.

No̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶I̶ ̶t̶r̶u̶l̶y̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶m̶i̶s̶i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶p̶r̶e̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶p̶o̶s̶t̶.̶ I still feel Sym 3.0 requires more skill.
Though I can understand you miss Sym 2.0.
I miss her in some ways too.

They gave up with the original purpose and just made it a dps role. Nothing impressing.

and who can change those metrics with proper tweaks? The devs.

I played all versions and 3.0 is by far less challenging. There’s no excitement when it comes to that design. It’s just too simple where other version it felt rewarding. Sure auto lock had its purpose, but it did what it needed to do which was close range execute. All Symmetra needed was a survivability buff to make her viable and still to this day that concept never came.

I can understand that.

I personally find Sym 3.0 rewarding but everyone is different.

They need to increase the skill floor as she dominates bronze. So decrease turrent dmg (alrdy done), decrease ultimate (done), restore the tp into a skilled ability (I.e. 2.0); increase M1 dmg, increase survivability, decrease M2 dmg.

True. Nothing impressive.

But that still doesn’t mean Symmetra 3.0 I a badly - designed hero, not even close

And what does this mean exactly?

All metrics can be changes by the devs in any game with tweaks, Symmetra 3.0’s, Symmetra 2.0’s and all other heroes’…

But those are still tweaks that impact the heroes I game, so I fail to see the problem here…

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I’d love to have the old sym back, just to hear the cries of million Genji mains.

Id say 3.0 is currently just a poorly designed as 2.0 was largely because of this one simple fact

2.0 had ONE instant value reaction based ability her E barrier and it felt AMAZING to block a rein shatter to blow a pharah up with her own ult with it

3.0 has 0 instant value abilites and shes supposed to be the DPS they made one of the many issues with 2.0 worse on 3.0

This… I’ll have to agree. :disappointed_relieved: