I kinda want a symmetra revert

I don’t think you would of had more hours on her because you had a disinterest in that version of her kit, but you shouldn’t say stuff like auto lock held her back regardless of personal opinion. Learn the hero, explore their kit and find out why the developers made them like that.

I don’t think I need to read your post considering you lacked experience on the hero.

I miss 6 turrets.
3 turrets is boring.


They only made it 3 because players would complain about turret damage killing them fast considering it takes one hit to destroy them.

I don’t think my lack of experience on her invalidates my opinion as someone who played against her plenty and doesn’t want to deal with obnoxious mechanics. Get off your high horse, buddy. We’re allowed to have opinions.

That is my opinion, though. My opinion is that her gun held her back from being buffed properly. Her entirety couldn’t become viable if her primary method of damage was an auto-lock weapon.

Which is…well, a complete opinion and that’s how I feel about Symm 2.0. :man_shrugging:

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It does whether you want to admit or not.

That’s fine. Expect them to be countered.

You have to think outside. If her gun held her back on buffs then wouldn’t that concept alone tell you the potential of the developers? Overall they were inexperienced with shield support tweaks hence why nothing was done until 2018.

I’m not trying to convince anyone otherwise. My whole point of my initial post was that I acknowledge some people like 2.0, and that others, like myself, like 3.0 and either is okay.

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It… actually doesn’t. It might if I claimed that my opinion is formed from playing her, but I haven’t claimed that. This really just boils down to snooty elitism trying to find a reason to write off opinions you don’t like.

Ditto. She doesn’t need her auto-lock back. Beyond that, I don’t really care what they do with her.

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Honestly you probably have way more experience then him.

Don’t pay him any mind, he doesn’t know what he is talking about anyway.

To busy fighting with you two then actually giving any input.

Lol your pretty funny.
“Fake” Symmetra players, what does that even mean?

Oh, no by my own admission, I don’t have all that much experience on Symmetra. I have some, of course, but I never mained her. Most of my playtime on her is in Arcade.

That said, I played and play against her plenty, and am more than capable of looking at additional info like stats, other people’s play, developer comments, and just general good game design to formulate an opinion on whether a specific part of her old kit should could back or not. I don’t think that’s a big stretch for most people, since I’m not arguing about how she should be played or anything like that.

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It’s all a matter of opinion, though. If they think Symmetra 2.0 was better and had more potential, that is their opinion and they are allowed to have it.

I feel the opposite; I thought her gun held her back and that is also my opinion.

I think trying to tell either that their opinion is more correct is…weird?

i hope they delete it. That’s the best medicine for this game.

Well perhaps if you opinion had more wits to it. I wouldn’t be easy to shut it down. Opinions are fine, but know the hero in every aspect. Learn why they were designed that way.

Fine. Just don’t say auto lock held her back when you know there’s more to her kit.

In what exactly? Experience between us is debatable, but if it’s because you dislike my responses. That means you got triggered.

Like you with your examples?

As it says unless you don’t know what fake mean?

Well why don’t you think about your experience with her. You said you didn’t have much exposure to her with 2.0 right? You excelled well with 3.0 right? That means 3.0 is more in your favor than 2.0. Nothing about her gun holding your potential back.

Again, to reiterate. I am going to say that because it is my opinion. Just because it is not aligned with yours does not mean that I shouldn’t say it.

I am allowed to share my opinion that her autolock held her back, just as you are to share that it didn’t.

The difference is I am not trying to tell you that your opinion is wrong, because this is not a factual topic lol

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Considering the topic is about " OP kinda wants Symmetra revert" makes it a factual topic.

…How does that make sense?

Because OP wants a revert, then suddenly discussing parts of Symmetra becomes objective facts?..


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Except you haven’t shut it down lol. All you’ve said is “it has to come back” then tried to denigrate my opinion because I don’t play her that much. I guess if trying to silence opposing viewpoints is shutting down someone’s opinion, then sure??

It’s an opinion. I don’t really care why she had the auto-lock. It was an obnoxious mechanic, and I don’t think it should come back. I don’t need to play her to understand that or have that opinion. End of story.

Well remember how this all started. Your personal opinion is what brought you here. This is all on you like you have your opinion, but expect it to be challenged.

and I gave a reason unlike you.

You said you faced against her meaning you lacked experience playing the hero, but you recognized her mechanics. Overall you just know how to shut her down, but you never actually played her meaning you really don’t carry much weight here.

Well perhaps play the hero and then your opinions would be judge differently, but that’s too late now. 2.0 is gone.

Then pretty much you don’t have much to say. You just hated the mechanic like the rest of the players that disliked being defeated by it. That’s not hard to decipher when I see the posts like yours. Never learned the hero, but have the right to add their own opinion as if they knew the hero tooth and nail.

I did give a reason, actually. It was an obnoxious mechanic. “Unfun” if you want to use that word. Given that games are about having fun, it’s a perfectly valid reason to not want something added into the game.

Again, I don’t need to play her to understand that I find her auto-aim was highly obnoxious and shouldn’t come back into the game :roll_eyes: or that auto-aim mechanics on DPS (and… well, on healing too but that’s not immediately relevant) are generally obnoxious and unfun.

I never claimed to know the hero through and through lol. Where are you getting these claims? I said, and I quote, “As long as her lock-on doesn’t come back, I don’t care too much what they do with her.” Point to me where I even implied that I knew the hero through and through. I explicitly have said I don’t play her that much. I do have a right to add my opinion, though, and I don’t need to play her to do so. As I said, get off your high horse. I feel like you’re just trolling at this point TBH

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This was not a discussion where my opinion was challenged in a productive way for a discussion.

You literally started it by saying:

You are not encouraging a fruitful discussion by making wild accusations as though I am arguing against a fact.

Please be aware of this behavior and how it is not promoting discussions. You’re acting like you are, but your words say otherwise.

Challenging an opinion is one thing. Degrading and trying to invalidate them is another, and you shouldn’t do that.


and that’s the real truth and I wish players recognized that. They know who they want in their spotlight. Some players picked that up early in 2016 while others caught on in 2017. 2018 is when they realized they truly don’t like the hero regardless of tweaks that came after and we saw how effective they were. Wasn’t effective until double barrier came in or perhaps Sigma exposure.

It’s fine I already got your memo through that line alone. You don’t have much exposure on her because of one mechanic that you personally dislike. I have seen many posts like these before. They never acknowledged it in a positive way, but only negative because it was an “obnoxious mechanic”.

I would encourage a fruitful discussion if it players didn’t focus on one concept as if that was her whole entire kit thinking it was absolute.

All depends on the wording.

That’s very debatable, but I will think about it. Nevertheless It all depends on the wording.