How valorant responded to poor balance

he literally said that powercreep wasn’t real, and that also literally proves my point that devs don’t pay attention or know what heroes are problems

Except he didnt he said powercreep was real he just felt it wasnt as bad as everyone was saying


no he said “I don’t feel like that problem has reached overwatch yet”

But counters exist in this game and Genji is not some special snowflake that gets to have none. The heroes you listed there are mostly soft counters, if the only counters that existed for all heroes in this game were soft counters you would have a point.

But you don’t, lots of other heroes are borderline forced to swap if one of their counters is being played well.

Why is it fine for Zenyatta to be in the place he’s in with respect to trying to play against WB, Dva, Genji or Doomfist (to name a few) but Genji cannot have anything that might push him towards having to play something else?

Furthermore if you’re not a genji main why do you care so much? None of this makes any sense including why you are still here on a forum whining about something that’s never going to go your way when Valorant - the game of kings is upon us. Go and play it.


He didn’t say powercreep doesn’t exist/wasn’t real, he said that in regard to Soldier/Genji, they really aren’t powercreep. He was correct in that regards because Soldier/Genji still had good stats, and was performing well in the middle categories (Compared to the bottom and high tier.).

See, this is exactly why they stopped responding if people are just willing to take things out of context, lambast them and when they say it’s not what they meant, the community just digs their heel in harder.

Edit: Like the Devs aren’t exactly free of dumb stuff either but the community is part of the reason of why they slowly stopped responding.

Specially when even the top streamers get into it, and say it’s like the truth when it’s not.


You should stop.

Now he links your posts on Twitter and makes fun of you/insults you.

No he said the he didnt feel like that problem of Extreme power creep thats wildly distorting the core gameplay experience exists in overwatch


Dude Brigitte is fine now, let that go. I can borderline maybe see you half way on Moira, but not Brigitte, she’s finally balanced.

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Brigitte isn’t as strong as launch by any means, but she still gatekeeps a subclass of heroes from ever becoming viable

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Btw Juice, if you have more than 2 hours of watch time on valorant you are already queued for drops even if you are offline now. They are slowly introducing more people in (they want hundreds of thousands), but they are worried about servers crashing from not scaling fast enough.

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She gate keeps bad players who play those heroes. Y’all wanted her reworked to include a little more thought into playing her, they did that. Bad Genji and DF have a hard time with her.


ive had kabajis stream open on my desktop and xQcs open on my phone since 6am today :frowning:

On the same account? Don’t do that. They have filters against that and you might be flagged as a view-bot.

not really, the heroes are tracer, soldier, sombra, genji, wreckingball, dva, Winston

the way she counters genji and doomfist is actually really healthy and I don’t really have a problem with it

Okay so what your issue is armor, not brig?

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Positive dev interaction is very important for the longevity of a game.

It’s something that could help a lot with the massive loss of good will gamers had with Blizzard in the past. Unfortunately I don’t see this situation improving honestly.

When Ben Brode left as lead Dev of Hearthstone I felt a noticeable difference in the game that lead to me buying less packs overall, then going F2P, then quitting all together.

I like Jeff, and he might be the best thing going for this game currently. Allowing him and his team to interact more with their audience would be a good thing overall.

How do people not know that Brig’s rally is the strongest ult in the game against dive? Armor packs also prevents targets from being divable like pocketing Ana.

They should nerf temporary armor (including torbs overload) to only reduce like 33% of damage.


correct, the only heroes that could provide armor to squishies before brig was torb

flankers were meant to be weak against tanks because of that armor, now they’re weak against everyone because an entire team can have armor

incorrect, youre thinking of counter as “straight up killing them” when its actually just mitigating their value almost entirely without killing them

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Brig nowadays doesn’t so much gates out flankers, she was nerfed hard to the point that she doesn’t really stops them.

Moira and Brig are soft-counters nowadays, and they’re able to be played around.

A hard counter would be like Pharah to Junkrat, or Reaper to Winston.

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Dive is only played when Brig is banned on OWL for a reason.

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