How valorant responded to poor balance

See you’re sitting here saying that the devs are listening. However, it can also be considered their first time saying this. How many more times will they say it but do nothing about it. Words are great but actions matter. Or has overwatch taught you nothing about developers?

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You need to come to terms with the fact that Overwatch is not the same game as Valorant; nor are either of them trying to be.

Your threads always devolve into you whining about any hero that gives Genji a hard time because as we determined in one of your other threads; you don’t feel like flankers should have any supports which are not at a huge disadvantage when engaged by flankers.

Go play Valorant, your utopia has arrived. What was the point of your Goodbye thread the other day?


You’ve seen what happens when they try that, right?

People take ideas (i.e., “We’re trying out X”) as promises. People get mad that they’re working on the “wrong” things. If a subject is contentious, i.e., role queue, then the people who were on the losing side of the controversy get irate that their feedback was “ignored”. And heaven forbid a dev say, “We’ve heard your concerns about X, but we disagree because Y”, or “We tried your solution Z in internal testing and it didn’t work”, because then people go into absolute meltdown about why THEY are right and the devs are WRONG and HOW DARE, etc etc.

And before all of the “They need to toughen up and do it anyway” posts come in, even without taking real human feelings into account, that stuff is super, super unproductive. It’s just a stew of rage and entitlement and misinformation that doesn’t make the game better.


Overwatch devs did the same thing, for awhile, then they stopped. I doubt valorant will do it forever either.


Riots other games are still thriving and have never left the top 5 of twitch

Agreed. Every dev I’ve seen aren’t perfect. They all have faults. Overwatch devs have said this over and over. I’m not going to reward valorant for a standard that exists everywhere.


Sym is one of my main heroes as well, I’ve made posts detaining helpful changes that should be made to her kit to make her viable. While they don’t do what I ask in that regard I let it roll off my back because I Don’t Freaking Work There.

We’re lucky as a game community to have Devs that are half as responsive and proactive, it could be a heck of a lot worse.

Some things make it in, some don’t, but don’t pretend like they don’t do anything just because your favorite hero has gone in a direction you disagree with.

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Y’all really gonna post Valorant all week…again?

I don’t want to leave OW for valorant, I want overwatch to improve itself and have a 2nd golden age

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Dude it’s a brand new game in Beta, of course they’re gonna respond…what about that is hard to comprehend?

Second the OW Devs have largely done the same at different points of OW lifecycle, they were just as responsive too during beta phase of OW. You have a short memory or your trolling lol they also told y’all they are working on finishing the new game.

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Meis wall and ammo, thats an aggressive change

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The only improvements you ever suggest is weakening anything that gives Genji trouble.

Got anything else in the old tickle trunk?


not for genji, weakening crutch heroes, I was just as if not more vocal about mei, just as vocal about original brig, just as vocal about original doomfist

Not discrediting your point but in all fairness all of those are related to genji’s viability lol


Yes, please leave.
You are a bully and a troll.

But im already sorry for the valorant community.


Every hero in this list relates to Genji’s viability. A lot of Genji players swapped to playing DF when he was released because he basically did what genji did only with a whole lot less risk.

So this is still you complaining about Genji having counters/problems.


true, but Im also not a genji main lmao, he isn’t even in my top 6

he has plenty of other counters that I don’t complain about because they’re actually healthy counters, Winston, zarya, sigma, McCree etc, all of those are healthy counters

‘i have a friend that knows a guy’

Biggest anecdote ever


urnotjustin on youtube, look up what he did with brig

I think the 1-3-2 was the perfect example of this.

The Devs themselves said that they tried it and it won’t replace 2-2-2 but they’ll put it in experimental to let people have a feel of it and test it out.

Some of the community still took it as it’s going to replace 2-2-2 and went crazy, shouting that it’ll be the worst thing ever when the Devs had specifically said that they won’t be doing it.

While open communication should be a thing, with how crazy and contentious parts of the OW community is, I’m not surprised Blizz became less and less inclined to respond (Examples of this are also the mods who responded to the community and they proceed to utterly dunk on him fiercely.).