How valorant responded to poor balance

I think ranged sustain in general is a problem. It used to be 30 hps, or a lot more on a skilled ana only.

Isn’t it in beta now? Pretty sure they were instructed to be as nice and open as possible as right now is the hype time.

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Yet Tracer still saw usage despite Brig being around.

Not to mention that other heroes like Bastion/Junkrat/Sym/Torb having far worst issue to deal with (Junkrat for example, when ever he’s used for defense will have the defending team always lose.) and never seen usage in OWL.

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You should stop, he links forum posts on his Twitter and bullies/makes fun of people with different opinions

That’s soft countering and actually still able to be played around.

Can’t get the Moira? Get the other support or DPS, even tanks. Distract them, your mobility and burst power isn’t negated completely.

You’re not exactly shut out completely compared to some other heroes who have far worst match up and absolutely cannot contribute that it’s an active liability.

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Great, that also means more people are likely to come here and see how he actually behaves.

A total drama queen and an attention seeker, crying because flankers are being suppressed (When they’re actually in a relative stable position because the period where Brig or Moira was taken out, Flankers had an absolute field day.).


you cant kill DPS when they’re getting healed and getting armored, that’s why its tracers job to kill supports first

200 + 75 armor isn’t exactly that high, and tracer had a buff to her guns. Her DPS is still relatively untouch and does tons of them even with the armor nerf. A tracer greatest power is the ability to sustain, keep moving and stay on an enemy.

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Oh. His Twitter got blocked temporarily.

Guess writing to Twitters staff helped after all


permanently actually, but its a false ban and should get appealed.
Either way I already got half my followers back on my new account :stuck_out_tongue:

tracer does max 240-480, but against armor that’s cut fully in half to 120-240, so it completely removes her ability to one clip, and if you don’t have aimbot level accuracy you cant really 2 clip either

What no dive was played in OWL when rein or lucio is banned brig is the dive healer replacing mercy in the dives while protecting Zenyatta


Doesn’t mean you can’t stay on them and keep pelting, Tracer was designed for that, not to mention Tracer always has an escape route available to them unless they massively screw up (And most of the time, if the Tracer is even half-way decent. They won’t.).

Increasing the TTK was the only way to actually soft-counter her but that doesn’t diminish that Tracer is a beast of a flanker that can go in, pick off someone, and run away.

Not to mention once engagement begins and the Brig runs out of packs, they’re screwed.

That’s hardly a hard counter, soft counter at most.

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Oh, thanks.

Now I can find the new one easily.


I’m sorry but Blizzard took an L here

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Does valorant not have its own forums ?
Post your feedback there.

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my feedback is for overwatch

Why are you reporting Noodlez’s twitter account?

The problem is a longer a tracer has to stay the more likely they are to die Tracer needs to kill quickly or she is gonna die or going to have to run away both options means she’s been countered to the point she couldnt do something Brigitte is an excellent counter to many of the dps in the game and some tanks

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because they actually have no life and nothing better to do with their time

“this guy has a different opinion than me about balance so im gonna get his social media banned even though its entirely unrelated”

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Because he links people’s forum posts on his Twitter and insults them there/makes fun of them.