How valorant responded to poor balance

someone on twitter voiced a concern with a hero saying
“Trying my best not to salt everywhere on Valorant. Not sure how a rocket character even made it into beta or as a character design at all. Every single ability is kill someone ability. So much for mostly utility type use.”

45 minutes later a game director responds
“Hey, I totally understand, some things in there were super tilting and it was a rough game. We’re looking across the board at all the agents right now to figure out how to get them in the right place so we’ll take a look at Raze too, don’t worry. Thanks for the games :).”

so they
acknowledged that they’re aware of a problem
acknowledge that a particular hero is overtuned
address that they know exactly which characters to be looking into

can overwatch please take notes on that, like I get that its in beta, but just because its been some time before the games release doesn’t mean we should just let it suffer


Note: Sorry everyone, I took the bait, I shouldn’t have responded to this post knowing what this could divulge into. I’ve cluttered the forums with nonsense. I’m sorry.

And… What’s your point? OW devs don’t listen? They don’t acknowledge problems or that a particular hero is over tuned and try to fix it? That they don’t know and announce which characters they’re looking into?


Great, great people, you should go play that.





No one thought ashe needed to be buffed, certain other heroes still need nerfs, the meta still hasn’t shifted away from any stale garbage

the only good changes were the mei and Reinhardt nerfs


It’s almost like Valorant is in the beta phase or something…


someone said
“what’s up devs, competitive overwatch doesn’t feel like an actual competitive mode”

devs respond:
“competitive is for people to blow some steam after work”


honestly though comp just feels like quickplay+ now


Um Ashe has generally been considered the worst hitscan hero and one of the 5 worst DPS options in the game and most people agreed she needed buffs. So when you say no one what you mean is “I dont think she needed to be buffed,” because a LOT of other people disagree.

Meanwhile all the other nerfs and buffs suggest every part of your post when you say they do not accept when a hero is overtuned is false because otherwise those nerfs would not exist.


I wish at least they would tell us what their working on. So much as We’re currently testing x changes on y, would go so far


Don’t worry, that’ll stop after some time. Also, stop bringing Valorant up, it’s getting old.


Ok come on this is a blatant lie. OW devs do listen, they have a jowly is on the forums and they have acknowledged their short comings with balance, but to say they don’t care or aren’t listening is not true. Just because your upset with OW does not mean you get to make things up


she wasn’t at the same tier as other characters, but no one was posting on here or twitter or reddit saying “hey give ashe more ammo and a faster TTK firerate than McCree”

even if they listen they aren’t actioning anything at all, remember when they promised “frequent and aggressive balance changes” and they introduced experimental just for that purpose? what happened to that promise?


Aight then leave and go play that game nobody cares lmao


cant yet I don’t have a key :slight_smile:

also I don’t want to change games, I want the dev team of this game to actually listen to their competitive community for a change


I am kinda surprised that bug fixes, and making a hero feel more snappy is considered a buff.

The only buff she got was 3 more shots in her clip, in exchange for her spread getting wider faster.


I misunderstood the change, her spread takes more shots to reach the max. So that’s a good thing…I think idk

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For everyone defending OW developers… theres a difference between “they know!” And “they tell us they know, and they’re specific about it, and they tell us what they’re going to do about it.”
Overwatch Devs just dont prioritize open communication with their audience AT ALL.
We only get Dev updates when they have to Insanely Alter The Game. Anything else is just brushed aside and left never replied to.
It’s pretty pathetic🤷‍♀️


faster recovery time between scoped and unscoped, allowing her to scope then hipfire kill someone before they can react just like the other snipers, and no nerfs to dynamite, the part of her kit that makes her a training wheels sniper

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Plenty of people thought that… she’s a worse Widow and McCree with a terrible ultimate.


Jesus, how much faster do you want the Overwatch team to make balance changes? You are being obnoxious if you believe the devs haven’t been on overdrive with balance changes the past few months.


Things happen bro. Balancing a game for casuals and competitive people takes time plus they are making a new game. They try you see it in patch notes and when they respond here and Jeff gives interviews.