Halloween Update Missing Golden Gun

I made a post in the general discussion while being active in the bug report section, but as of today, I notice that myself and many others have reported about the lost of our golden weapons.

OLD THREAD >>> Junker Queen's Missing Golden Weapon - #4 by VenusInFurs-21561

On October 24, 2022: I was playing Junker Queen for total mayhem, and everything was fine as I had all my golden weapons. As soon as the game was updated on October 25, 2022 (3:00pm EST) I played one match of the new Halloween event and I notice that once I have completed the challenges. I check Junker Queen and noticed that my golden weapon was missing and locked.

I have been reading around and many people claim that they are missing his or her golden weapons both on Oct 8th and now Oct 25th.

Below I will attach an article talking about it more in detail. (Link Below)

  • https://piunikaweb.com/2022/10/27/overwatch-2-junker-queen-sojourn-kiriko-golden-gun-missing/
  • On Reddit, there was the same incident and the individual said that they got their golden weapon 16 days later.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/overwatch2/comments/y10uaz/missing_gold_guns/
  • This is really frustrating because we still have yet to get an official acknowledgment of this issue and many like myself have not been reimbursed the 3,000 competitive points.

    I used to be able to post links back on Oct 8th but I guess that change as well. No longer a trust level 3.


    I have already created a support ticket for my missing sojourn gun 5 days ago, no reply from them yet

    This is very frustrating.

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    I lost my Junker Queen golden today. Weird part, when i had it, my collection for her was 18/49, and now that its disappeared, it still shows up as 18/49. Its like i still got it, but i also don’t at the same time

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    Wait, you lost yours too…

    Count the amount of cosmetics you got unlocked for the hero that you are missing the golden gun with, if the number turns out to be 1 less then what the hero gallery shows, that means you still got it but for some reason it just disappeared

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to share that missing golden guns are something the developers are looking into since the October 25th update. It’s in the known issues forums thread here. Please allow some time while QA and the developers look into and address what’s going on. Thanks for everyone’s patience on the matter.


    Thank you so much for this reply, hopefully this issue gets resolved soon

    Same happened to me with Sorjourns weapon everything was fine till the update and now it’s locked again.

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    Noticed the same today when I played Sojourn. Hope they get it fixed soon

    Yeah, it is frustrating

    I think they have it listed as a well known bug page.

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