🛰 Goodman talks about Nerfs and Buffs (Updated with New Video(s) about this Topic. Ironic?)

They see nothing wrong with 3-3 and actually suggested a zarya buff. Whoooooaaaa I just got dizzy, oh boy.


Can we get an answer to winnie and zarya buffs pls? Purdy pls?.

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It feels like all these changes will be endless nerfs to D.Va. Buffing winston and zarya to be better against armour will just kill off D.Va.

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Will Orisa be getting a buff in the near future? A lot of us on the forums are afraid that these armour nerfs are going to affect her severely.


Shadow step feels really clunky to use. Half the time I’ll have the teleport location in sight and I’ll click only for it to fire his primary first, which gives away his location. Also, why not just slice .5 seconds off the time? It wouldn’t be usable in combat, good players would still be able react and shut it down, and it makes it less frustrating to use. Would obviously make him slightly stronger without making him over tuned.

-Random thought, maybe make it so you can’t fire your primary while the placement for Shadow Step is active?

Ohhh, and get rid of railings. Indirect buff to Sym and Reaper.


Cant you like rework the ability completely as its pretty clear that such an ability is completely useless. Nobody past platinum falls for it.
You should consider giving him smoke grenades instead. It would be an interesting new mechanic to block line of sights for the enemy.
He could throw it in front of him, so nobody sees where he goes, or he could throw it at a Widow, to force her off her sniper spot. Or throw it into a grouped enemy team, so they dont see a Junkrat tire coming.


I’m not exactly surprised but damn if it isn’t disheartening to see just how disconnected from the playerbase they are.

There’s really no hope left, it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse. Blizzard is playing and/or envisioning a completely different game than the one we’re actually playing and the worst part is, they have zero self-awareness.


Oh wow Geoff actually responded.

So it’s gonna stay the only 100% non-combat ability then.

Also Geoff just confirmed Reaper is a flanker, get rekt Genji mains

In all seriousness Geoff. I do think Reaper needs some bigger changes and a nerf to self heal. He’s too easy and this buff is only affecting half the players.

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That’s mind blowing. She already does just under 200 dps at full charge. What in the world are the devs thinking?


I understand creating game balance is difficult, but Blizzard goes at it in the most idiotic ways. They never try to fine tune things, preferring instead to go for massive buffs/nerfs and complete mechanic changes. Almost three years since release and we’re still looking at 8ish hero metas. They’ve made absolutely 0 progress.


TBF this all started with Dva and Winston being very overtuned circa S4/S5. At this point it’s a matter of properly creeping the remaining third or so of the roster up to par.

He said they’re looking to see that they’re satisfied with how much each channel hero does. They may leave Zarya as is and buff Winston and Symmetra, who knows.

Wonder if Doomfsit, Orisa, Soldier, and Pharah will get looked at…

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Will this result in a net damage buff against non armored targets/enemies too? If so, that seems a bit much.

No this only affects how much armor reduces these weapons.


I mean. Honestly. I think its time they reach out to someone else for some help on the hero balance in this game. They are absolutely just destroying it at this point.

The game just isn’t fun anymore.


I still laugh at how they treated Doomfist’s balance.


Any chance you could do it through an official channel next time?


Geoff I have so many unanswered ShadowStep questions. I’d love it if you could just answer one.

  • Was ShadowStep slower before launch?
  • Why is it purple now?
  • When did you guys buff the range?

Also tell Jeff to regrow his beard plz.

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This is literally the worst balance patch so far… and there’s been a ton of bad or questionable changes in the past year. Example: you wanted to make Junk Rat and Pharah less spammy and need more skill. Mission accolomplished. But then you turned around, and made McCree and ESPECIALLY Hanzo way more spammy.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

Now this patch, the OW team just crapped all over every tank player. Except Zarya who apparently is getting buffs now! Like why? People who are already playing tanks are tired of how unfun and tedious the entire role is. Why can it just not be fun to play tanks?

Look, I say a lot of crap and honesty - how poorly thought out the patch is doesn’t surprise me. I’m disappointed in the whole development team for making pretty much every character in the game - ESPECIALLY THE TANKS - more and more unfun/clunky every patch.

It feels pretty unwarranted by now.

I don’t even play OW anymore… its just pretty miserable to play now if you like tanking. I was hoping it would get better but it’s not. It’s just getting worse. As such, I don’t even want to play your game. But I love OW enough to keep posting about it. I kind of wish I could play “OW Classic.” How sad is that?