PTR: "Try it out, but we're gonna put it in anyway"


They’ve gone on record a few times saying PTR is only for bug testing. They don’t believe PTR is a valid place to discuss balance as so few of the player base actually try it. With that being said, everytime something has been too strong, people have called it out before it came to live and became a huge problem. It started with Iron Clad bastion and these things are still being caught to this day. Personally they really should consider the feedback around balance they get on there.

Even more so since a lot of bugs that get talked about on ptr don’t get patched out either.


Armor doesn’t heal faster than normal HP. It is just more effective because it reduces damage.


Which, basically, means that Blizzard can’t even afford proper QA and tries to use players to test changes, that often disliked by many. Who will help to implement changes they dislike?

When update logs start resembling horror stories, you can’t expect people to be enthusiastic about helping to bring those changes into release.


public preview region just rename it that as that’s what it’s always been

There has literally only been one case where a change was made from ptr to live and it was orisa’s fussion driver speed of the bullets (not fire rate, travel speed) going from 15% to 13% this was over a year after p"t" r was released


well, there was also the Lucio wallriding changes which they did not push live after a bit of an outcry when it was on PTR. so that’s literally another one at least!


Builds hype, gets people talking.


After 3 years… they STILL have zero idea what they’re doing. It’s actually impressive at this point; one would think the parent company would have had people from other teams come on as consultants to ensure the game was up to quality.

But who am I kidding? …this is Actiblizzion.


It takes very little effort to find the good suggestions on here. Usually high post counts and titles announcing how many likes the thread has.

Minimal effort


it has been like this since launch.
You should know by now ptr is for testing bugs and getting feedback. It’s not like they have never changed anything, sometimes they do change based on complaints.

If by this point you still haven’t gotten this, then it’s not the devs fault, but yours.

if that was the only thing, mass rez would have alrady been back and mercy would probably have never gotten a nerf since last january.

Just because an idea has lots of likes on a forum doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


The changes were good for getting rid of goats but they also accidentally nerfed a bunch of already off meta/weak heroes with the armor changes and clearly didn’t make the right buffs to reaper as in my experience so far even in low ranks he’s still kinda bad even with 50% lifesteal lmao

Really I think goats will still be meta…


I do not doubt this, but tracer will still be very underpowered not due to just brig, but the new goats meta as a whole


LMAO little effort, do you know how many people post on this thing and that like 80 of the posts are garbage posts and just complaining for the sake of it?


Then maybe don’t push the bugged content to live, fix it, then push it to PTR again? What if Microsoft worked that way and they just pushed a faulty windows update that corrupts the whole hard drive and then go “oops we’ll fix that soon, just reinstall your system from scratch and don’t update in the meantime”…


first, that kind of bug is not a new one on ptr and already exists on live. do you want blizzard to shut down the game until it’s fixed?

and if you believe it or not, bugs are not intentional and yes microsoft has rolled out updates with bugs breaking systems in very specific situations which slipped through internal testing because they’re so rare

that happens with every complex piece of software and is unavoidable


The DF ult bug was reported on PTR for weeks and weeks before it was pushed to live, and still never got fixed, and to this day a full patch later still is not fixed. It’s not even that big of a bug, just wrong damage values.

What is the point of using PTR to test bugs if they don’t fix bugs? They already don’t use it to actually test balance changes, what is the point of it all? If you have game-breaking bugs and you know they exist, and you have the chance to fix them before everyone can see it, then you should probably fix it.


100% this. I said the same thing.

Im astounded at how bad the hero balance and game in general has become.


well, that’s why


As if they couldn’t see it coming. Everyone’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility.


Anything getting pushed to PTR has already been tested and approved in house at Blizzard. At this point it’s only there to “tests” whether or not it could break the live game. The OW community would have to unanimously dislike an update in order to make Blizzard double back on it. Even then, it’s not a guarantee.


Symmetra rework, her bandaid fix primary was awful