Genji's GM pick rate is higher than Brigitte

Except people who don’t play don’t tend to watch OWL anymore.

I mean I know a handful of people who tune in here or there to see what the next stupid joke the balance team comes out with is

I’ve had a few friends bring up watching it, and laughing at how stupid Genji is right now

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Heres my prediction, A; Blizzard steps in (after a month) B; Blizzard steps in, but not in a helpful way(I.E. buffs brig or mei) C;Blizzard steps in, but not in a helpful way(I.E. buffs brig or mei) and then tells us power creep doesn’t exist in Overwatch

Not really :man_shrugging:

Soon, with the best solution: buffing other DPS to Genji’s level

On the looks of his 11% today, yeah, obviously.

Exactly. Genji has like 60 hard counters in game. Gm players just need to step up and use them

Mercy was the single most popular hero not just support in the entire game according to the devs themselves

I understand the high pickrate for supports since there are only 7 but having this pickrate while there are 15 dps??

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“He’s just popular!”


i’m pretty sure mercy was and still is one of the most popular heroes in the game, even after her nerfs

You don’t even know what “F-tier” means. At least try to comprehend the meaning of terms before you try, and fail, to use them.

The f-tier heroes are Bastion, Sombra, Mei, Echo, and Reaper.

Extremely low pick rates, and purely negative win-rates. Nobody is picking them, and when they do they lose meaning these heroes aren’t even viable as niche picks.

That is F-tier.

Genji has never even been close to F-tier. He isn’t even capable of telling us what the F-tier smells like because he’s too far away to so much as catch a whiff of it when he’s down-wind on a hot day. And that was before the buffs.


i have a theory theyre testing the waters with Hypercarry being a role.
Instead of playing around Tanks, gives the option of playing around Hypercarries.

I hope this isnt the case though, Hypercarries are anti-fun if you ask me.

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I think this applies to pretty much all of those options and they’ll never buff brig. They don’t buff supports, and they’ll only nerf Genji when they can’t blame his powerlevel on supports or tanks.
They’ll probably nerf Ana’s Nano to see if that’s why Genji’s powerful before they actually nerf a DPS.

Why would they? They’ve done what Genji one-tricks wanted - nerfed Genji counters and buffed Genji. GameBalanced.jpg

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Oh no, a damage dealer with a skill cap has a higher pick rate than HURR DURR ME LEFT CLICK ENEMY

Genji’s mains when buffs were announced : “These buffs won’t change anything, his pick rate will merely budge”

Genji is now sitting on a pick rate of 8,9%.

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His counters keep getting nerfed and are way worse at countering him now.

Hey my friends who care about gm stats can you please start talking about reaper?