Genji's GM pick rate is higher than Brigitte

He was not F tier. He was middle of the pack. not great… not bad.

In gm at least genji was a throw pick. I can show u my main but I rly don’t feel like it. That’s the stat we’re talking about. Ask any gm and they will tell h genji was a throw pick

In gm he was f tier. Ask any gm and they will agree with me

Again, he wasn’t.
We all have access to overbuff and I watch a lot of streamers and no, he wasn’t mate.

The problem is that biased people, specially against their hero, when they are not the “cool kid” anymore, they say “omg my hero is F tier” and they lack the proper perspective.

Facts don’t care about feelings mate and the FACT is that Genji was NEVER F-Tier. Period.


Sigma and Ana are Tanks and Supports.

DPS have twice as many heroes to pick from, so you would expect the average picks rates for Tanks / Supports to be twice as high.

Even a lot of not GM’s will agree. He wasn’t great, there was a reason he wasn’t being picked there… But… f-tier? no.

He was good in a lot of ranks, and f-tier is reserved for those heroes who don’t even get that.

I was still asking for buffs before this, because, hey, GM balance, but, god damn, they went way way way too far.

yeahg Genji wasn’t F-Tier either. That is for heroes which are consistantly bad across the board - like Sombra.

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Dude What streamers do u watch. Personally I watch super, ksf, agilities, ml7, and Emongg. Whenever they got a genji on their team they get tilted. Whenever I get a genji on my team I got tilted aswell because the character was terrible! We were in a sigma brig meta! Genji literally did nothing

They get tilted with Sombra, Sym, Torb, Junkrat too

I think genji has been f tier for like years so I think it will take some time to get used to him being finally good, where I think he should be. I think he might need nerfs or he might not, but looking at stats for this is just dumb

Yeah tru those characters are f tier aswell. It depends but yeah

Looking at the stats meant he would have been buffed earlier.

Ignoring the stats is WAY WAY dumber. He is broken, there is NO excuse for what he is like now.

And this is the issue, there is meant to be a balance… Genji was below it, so buffing him makes sense, he is above it now, so, he should be nerfed.

The other heroes should also be fixed, but, like… Blizzard isn’t exactly going in for balance any more.

Ur ignoring my point entirely. Genji is a special character. He’s been a throw pick for years even though he has been peoples fab character. Finally he’s good. We haven’t seen him on live on owl yet and or and we in gm are always unreliable.

He isn’t. He was in the same spot as Mercy. Hugely picked even though they were not all that great.

He is having the equivalent of his Moth meta. Ask the Mercy mains how fun post moth meta was.

He is going to be nerfed, many times, and overly HARD after this.

We have seen this before and it NEVER EVER ends well. Enjoy your games while they last.

The worst part about all this is that the best counter to Genji atm is not to counter him, but to prevent him from farming blade by playing double barriers which as a tank player is disheartening enough to crush my intentions of starting up competitive again after a hiatus that has lasted for years now :frowning:

People didn’t like mercy as much as they liked genji, and mercy just had an unfun mechanic.

You didn’t see her mains, or her pick rates totally regardless of how well she was doing.

Just like Genji.

It will end the same way man.

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The diff is that all dps players love genji. No supports except the mains liked mercy. And genji wasn’t unfun to play against. He was just week

I don’t. I’m a DPS player these days.

Again, I played a lot of different supports, and I liked Mercy.

Oh hell yes he was.

Which is why he was Meta (in the top 3 DPS picks in GM) for 10 season in a row?

You are leaning WAY too hard on stereotypes.

Those of us who have been here from the start have seen this play out over and over again.

He is going to be dead after this.

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No, moth was faster.

High skilled hero being picked more than one of the lowest. Finally some balance!

He is being picked in silver, and they are doing well with him. He isn’t a high skilled hero any more.

Enough overpowered buffs will do that to a hero.

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