Failed to Connect to Game Server

Was in Overwatch Comp, kicked me from the game saying that I lost connection to the Game server. Relaunched Overwatch and Battlenet and wouldn’t let me connect. Wifi was working perfectly as i had spotify and Discord in the background.


same here… happening to a lot of people i guess

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same thing just happened to me

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literally just happened to me right now

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Seeing lots of reports coming in about disconnections. Can you guys start providing WinMTR results so we can figure out where the problem is happening?

Appreciate the help however the link you provided specifically states to run an WinMTR only when requested by a GM. Appreciate the help but I’ll wait for a Mod to request one. Cheers!

There is no harm in running WinMTR, as it just collects the data on your network to help spot issues. You may not get a response from them, but it’s choice if you want to accept help or not.

Hey all,

If you need a blue to advise running an MTR and posting the results - here it is! MTR data may help us identify where an emergent issue may be developing, so please run them while actively playing. I would recommend playing custom vs AI matches for now to mitigate any impact on competitive mode though.


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Don’t know if this actually was what fixed it for me or my internet just got better, but I updated my amd drivers and so far so good. I think I lost connection only once, but aside from that everything works fine, better actually, no lag (which I had before) whatsoever.

The game just crashed on me and said server connection error. THIS HAPPENED IN THE MIDDLE OF A COMPETITIVE GAME


I can’t even log in to play a custom match

Blizzard is working on the disconnection issues right now:

Please avoid Competitive play if you do log back on.

Is it just me or it’s really unfair on people who actually worked hard on their endorsements? I was on level 4 endorsement level and thanks to a OW app crash last week I dropped to 3 and now thanks to the server outage I am going to fall again.

How come there is no reinstatement option possible, since this was Blizz’s fault? Or is there and I don’t know about it?

(Endorsement level is kinda a big deal for me since I like to join groups with high levels required).


Same here… and lost 50 pts…

Yeah. Was in the middle of my second normal Lucioball game, was about to lose, and got kicked for connection to servers? Closed the game, opened it, waited in queue, and got kicked AGAIN. I just opened the game, and got a worse queue. Jesus.

我也是 更新完怎麼都無法進入遊戲且頻頻顯示伺服器錯誤

Same happened with me, just downloaded new update for the event I got kicked from the servers, can’t join back or anything. Can we have 1 update that doesn’t break?

Same here. Dropped 50 SR, and lost endorsment levels probably. Anything we can do to recover that?

10000 Players in Queue. Cannot login.

No there is not. Details:

Everyone, the login/disconnection issues are still under investigation.