Stuck On Central Servers

Three patches ago I randomly got stuck being placed into NA Central servers with much higher ping but before that since I first played OW in season 1 I had been playing on NA West Coast servers. I have 20-30 higher ping on NA Central Servers and it’s been driving me nuts because every time I mention the higher ping after that patch… They say it’s because they changed the way ping is displayed “latency”. But it has nothing to do with that. Sure it shows higher because of that patch but the one following actually got me stuck in Central with much higher ping. Why? I haven’t played a west coast game in months and I’m stuck playing with much higher ping. It never places me in West Coast even though it has nearly half the ping as Central? I’m tired of having a bagillion ping…

Your ISP actually decides the route you take to reach the Blizzard servers. So for some reason, they are routing your traffic to somewhere closer/lower ping on the Central server, so Blizzard puts you on that one because it will likely provide the lowest latency. This error is VERY common, and you’ll need to contact your ISP to work out the issue. Tell them where you are trying to connect, tell them the routing puts you on a server in another city and part of the country. They can figure it out from there.

My ISP selects the route but Blizzard chooses the server I route to based on ping. Has nothing to do with ISP routing. When I was being connected to US West I had much lower ping. Then it started only connecting me to US Central and I had much higher ping. My ISP didn’t pick US West or US Central. Blizzard did that. They just do the routing in between.

If your ISP is for some reason repairing a node between you and the normal path you take to Blizzard, then Blizzard servers might think you are connecting from somewhere else, and then adjusts your server accordingly to provide the best experience. So let’s say you are in Las Vegas, but your route shows you connecting through Chicago; Blizzard servers would expect you to get the best latency on their closest Central server. Post a traceroute or WinMTR so we can look at the path if you don’t think this is happening.

No… That’s not how it works.

Post the requested WinMTR results to prove us wrong. Your complaint won’t be addressed by Blizzard without test data.

It won’t be addressed at all… Blizzard doesn’t care.

You can keep complaining or be part of the solution. Either way, I’m done with this thread.