Exposing Blizzards Boosting

We need more people exposing this stuff, especially content creators. It’s all over the place honestly. Here are screen shots that prove people are getting boosted for doing nothing. imgur com/a/giNMqas

Gold support all through Overwatch 1. Season 1 and 2 of OW2 they did not even play enough to place. Season 3 they are gold 2.

Season 4, DIAMOND 5 WITH 17% 19% AND 21% WIN RATES. This person skipped over the entire Platinum rank for LOSING! Boosted 1.5 ranks for LOSING!

I know people are going to criticize this post for a 1 person sample size, but the truth is I could do this all day…but nobody is going to pay me to do it all day and I have a job lol. If you’re in Diamond or above and you start examining the profiles of players in your games you will find this all. the. time. It is very common.

Now either it’s a bug or Blizzard is doing it on purpose. My guess is Blizz is doing it on purpose and here’s why.

Season 1 in OW2 we had 15 minute tank queues, 5 minute dps queues, and instant support queues. This was standard OW1 queue times but just swapped the tank queues with dps. Standard fairly balanced matchmaking though.

Season 2 suddenly all queue times were <1 minute. Hmmm how did they do that? Well people who examined profiles found that they were getting gold players in their GM games, Bronze players in their Diamond games etc. etc. Okay so Blizzard just scrapped ranked brackets from matchmaking entirely to give us fast queues. People complained so what did they do?

They boosted low rank players to fill out the higher ranks to retain fast queue times. This is why this game does not feel competitive anymore…it’s not. It’s quick play with medals. We’re still getting Gold players in GM games and Bronze players in Diamond games all the time. The only difference is they have a Diamond or GM badge.

Would be nice to get a real ranked system back Blizzard. I’m on Apex full time now until this game gets a shred of competitive integrity.


Who cares about a dying game?
The time for talk was in 2016.

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99% of people on these forums?

As an avid competitive player, I agree. But Blizzard doesnt care, they dont listen, and content creators are leaving because of how badly the greedy activision blizzard is handling their game, but i agree the ranks are so inflated its crazy, everyone is just boosted. I have a theory that the reason they removed showing ranks in competitive is to hide bad matchmaking and their current problems with ranked. I know people who were silver and are now masters. I dont know why they are changing things that didnt needed to be changed. OW 1 was better in my opinion, and all they needed was to update and balance it. But now, they are actually making things worse its crazy. Ranked system is abysmal, no rewards, nothing, no incentive to play the game. Are top 500 sprays even a thing anyway? Whats even the point of playing competitive when everyone is boosted, you cant see your rank or other peoples ranks in competitive, the new ranks look worse aesthetic wise, and there is just no incentive to play. If you have a 50 50 chance of winning to rank up, you have to play 10 games to see your rank, or get 15 losses, it takes so long, so much playing and no incentive to play. Sooo boring your rank is just a mystery, everything is so mysterious and sketchy, you cant even see your current rank until you finish placement matches each time. If the game isnt catered towards competitive players, casual players, old ow 1 players, or PVE enthusiasts? WHO IS IT CATERED TOWARDS??


Yup. After I started examining profiles and doing the math on peoples climbs, the worst I found was a tank main that was silver all his life in OW1, peaked Gold. OW2 comes and he’s still silver until season 3 he hit Masters for winning 29 games and losing 20. Something that would earn them a half a rank in OW1 now boosts them 4 entire ranks. The boosting is just out of control. Needless to say this person stuck out like a sore thumb. I tank diffed him so hard which got me to look at his profile cause no way this guy was masters.

You know, I never thought overwatch could sink this low, but now that we’re here, I kind of suspect the devs are trying to sabatoge their game because they all hate kotic. They want it to be bad so we don’t give that trash lord any money lol. Microsoft can’t come soon enough.

heck i think some play in unranked qp just so they can derank and troll people