Experimental Mode – Soldier: 76 Recoil

Hey everyone!

We’re back with another Experimental mode focused on testing some changes to Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle. As with all Experimental modes, these changes are not guaranteed to reach the live version of the game.

What are we trying to address?

Compared to other hitscan Damage heroes, Soldier: 76 has been perceived as one of the weaker choices in heroes, so we want to test some adjustments to change this. Rather than making some numbers adjustments, we’d like to test out an overhaul to his shooting mechanics.

What are we testing?

In the past, we introduced bullet spread to Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle to make the weapon centered around controlled bursts. In this Experimental mode, we’re shifting the weapon to instead be centered around recoil and weapon control. While the change list may be short, we’re hoping that this will breathe new life into Soldier: 76’s playstyle.

We hope you check out the new Experimental mode and provide us with your feedback! Science will reveal the truth – And all great science requires data! As always, this is an Experiment, so the changes in this test may not reach the live game.

Thank you!


yessir im finna laser some dudes in qp

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Imo this is not needed, ashe and widow need nerfs

Also here are the changes:

Heavy Pulse Rifle

  • Bullet spread removed
  • Constant recoil added
  • Ammo increased from 25 to 30

Smells like old soldiers


grinding kovaaks right now and watchng dafrans unranked to gm ima be a soldier main now


Stop breaking characters and nerf the rest of the hitscan. Hanzo is a midrange character too BTW. The orisa changes also suck. You completely gutted her utility for broken damage.


Honestly didn’t think soldier needed changes…


I’ll need to try it before further impressions are made, but surface level this sounds way too strong while also less fun to play at the same time

Those who can control the recoil will be doing way too much damage from afar I imagine. Despite what people think, Soldier’s gun hurts!


Not to mention it’s just Baptistes gun this way no? He might not be meta but at least he was different

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For anyone who doesn’t feel like finding a match on experimental, his recoil is now like being ADS in Modern Warfare/Rainbow Six. Bullets are always 100% accurate to the crosshair, but the gun physically jumps slightly per bullet. I like those types of recoils way more so I’m hoping this makes it through.

What I don’t understand is why do people join experimental and not play the hero with the change.


psst if soldiers gets this change sombra might get spread changes wink wink

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I think it’d be cool of it happened to most hitscan things. Probably some exceptions like Bastion’s minigun although I’d like to see what that’s like

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To see how other heroes are against or with the changed hero. For example, seeing how Pharah or Echo is against the new Soldier.


This is a really cool Experimental, and I hope it means that other characters are going to get Experimentals with sweeping changes in the future!

your going way to deep they just couldn’t get to choose soldier or wanted to see him in action

I don’t think she needs changes either…she’s felt pretty good to me since the spread reduction

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Thanks Molly! I’m really looking forward to trying these when I get home later.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Soldiers gun because of the way it works in bursts, so these changes sound promising as long as I can control the recoil.

I like the changes to the gun a lot.


bruh how would you reject potential buffs to your main :frowning:

I main 32 heroes…