The soldier powercreep

Yeah. That was my thought. It feels really good to use and the recoil is minimal but yeah, I see his damage per bullet being nerfed slightly.

Or his ULT cost going up a little.

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People didn’t like that Soldier had spread since he’s the most friendly and appealing to FPS players.

So all that’s left to do if spread is removed is to reduce his damage per bullet between 18 and 19 and we are pretty good tbh

Also and revert his cooldown buff a while back.


I don’t think it is, I just think “power creep” is a dumb concept to focus on when the devs are deliberately redesigning core aspects of the game.


Honestly I’m just expressing my opinion in regaurds to the reasoning why they changed this, As in to put him on the level of other hitscan options such as widow or ashe.

Where that logic before hand has brought a significant increase to overall amount of damage being done in game as whole.

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This change isn’t targetted at making him as good as snipers, its to make the character feel better


This is the reasoning they gave us, and outside of McCree their are ashe, and Widow. Of course sombra but that’s not really comparable.


Tracer, sombra, bastion and mccree are all hitscan damage heroes.


Tracer/sombra are close range smg’s that are full spread at almost at all times. and are not really comparable to what soldier is used for.

Bastion I honestly forgot about, but if soldier is perceived weaker to bastion I think we have other options.

McCree is comparable but is considered weaker now as well, so that leaves ashe and widow.


Soldier is a victim of power creep, not a beneficiary. This change is to try and make him more reliable as a DPS in the face of the other actually power-crept DPS.

and you will see how the new duo will be soldier pocket by a mercy rat on all matchs

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Adding more power to balance power creep is not the solution, but part of the problem.


I’m worried about that too. If this change goes through, I’m scared they’ll have to nerf poor Soldier into the ground in an effort to keep it balanced.

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Like I don’t mind if they reduced the Rng abit or made it so it was only random horizontally instead of vertiacally. but this is a bit much.

They never learn. Instead of bringing down the overperforming heroes, they instead go and mess with balanced heroes like soldier and try to power creep them to reach widow and ashe’s levels.

On the experimental mode, soldier damage output is insane.
Imagine being hit and tracked by a fully charged symmetra or zarya beam from miles away.

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Ya pretty much 180 dps without needing to charge up, or needing to use abilities.

How is removing the RNG from Soldier considered powercreep?
It’s a much needed change.
Soldier has been powercrept out of the game by the burst healing Supports anyways. His Sustain Dps has always lacked due to it.
With this change he’ll finally have consistency and not rely on pointless RNG.


Yeah. It’s too strong at 20, but 19 would probably be alright since he’s hitting more shots than before.

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Because it removes the limitations of his 180dps output, increasing his output overall.

Meaning that the mechanic that kept him doing roughly the same damage as something like McCree is going to allow him to do constant sniper level of dps.


Sure. But also Widow and Ashe have been nerfed since then, and they are much more reasonable to play against now. And some heroes have clearly been displaced by the new core experience of the game.

I’m really looking forward to playing Soldier once these go live :grimacing:

I don’t like the way his rifle works on live. Legs is back!