Experimental Mode – Soldier: 76 Recoil

Nice to see them stop trying to break Moira and instead mess with another character. :smile:

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even orisa? I don’t know if orisa mains exsist to be honest

She’s my most played tank :sweat_smile:


learn something new everyday

this is gonna make soldier so broken…


I wanna play Overwatch, not Valorant


valorant first shot accuracy is terrible lmao, experimental soldier is what valorant should be

You didnt think hard enough then mate, no offense.

Soldier has 3 main issues:

  • Bullet per mag/clip (addressed in this experiment)
  • Not being able to reload while sprinting
  • Lack of control once the spread happens (recoil is controllable)

If a player is able to control recoil patterns, they should get rewarded for it. It has been a given for pretty much … any other FPS? yeah, it can be applied here for sure. Specially if you add increased recoil while moving.


except valorant lmao

Who ask for this? Just wait for the next experimental when they lower Doomfist punch CD to 2 seconds to compensate for his low pick rate


When are you going to buff Doom???

TBH The recoil feels significantly worse than the controlled bursts. Feels like a huge nerf to me.


well if the spread recoil was more complex than just going straight up this could have been interesting.

but currently if they roll that experimental out they kinda need to rethink soldiers ultimate as he could potentially get a lot more out of just never using it.

but yeah it makes more sense to have more of a controllable recoil than just random bullet spread.

but if that’s the case then what the hell is reapers shotguns? they are so far removed from any semblance of a competitive shotgun, will they take a look at his outdated weapons aswell?

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Yeah but that can be tuned, anything is better than RNG.
Let the RNG be relevant in hearthstone, not soldier’s accuracy :smiley:

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it isn’t though, with some control you can keep hitting headshots even from an extreme distance and never letting go of the button.


You might need to nerf his damage and overall burst to make up for this


Removing randomization is a huge help. My accuracy went up by 8% without even trying. Also 30 bullets? He can shread non shield tanks with ease now. INSANE.


Bring the noise, bring the ruckus!


I mean, maybe if your opponent is standing still. Theres absolutely no way players will be as accurate with this.

It’s been 30 minutes, you can’t possibly have a reasonable sample size.


Insta-pickers on the heroes with changes?