Experimental Card — it's a failure

This. Just. Failure.

Let’s talk about TANKS. Their changes have almost nothing to do with fun, it is the implementation of the FAILURE idea of ​​trading damage for stun protection.

Reinhardt could be much more effective and fun if the charges were canceled and the enemies would fly back the same way they would fly off if the charge was not cancelled.

Orisa with her HALT ability requires a good ally on Symmetra and it’s still HARD to do.

The Roadhog changes are yet another failure. Here’s a simple idea that would WORK - when the roadhog has ult active he can adjust the knockback power with the right and left mouse button, by default the knockback is in the middle value, and the maximum limit is increased.

Let’s talk about DPS. Some changes make the characters too strong, while others are added just to change something just because.

The most disappointing thing is the changes to Reaper, the hero is weak (especially considering what the tanks are turned into), and with his abilities you can come up with a lot of interesting things. And in the end, we had his main ability nerfed in exchange for being able to use his abilities more often.

There is a cool change to Mei wall, although it requires coordination.

Let’s talk about SUPPORTS. These changes are also more related to balance than to fun, but their author acted much smarter — most likely, the display of sleeped targets will be transferred to live. At the same time, the changes themselves did not turn the role into useless and interesting for testing.

Symmetra’s turrets 0 target priority.

Symmetra is almost the only reason to go into experiments.

I expected to log in every day and have fun, but these changes came out much worse than the previous ones. And all this against the background of the fact that the game has not been updated for months, and the updates themselves are minimal.

Please don’t let diamond support balance tanks, no matter how popular this person is. Tanks are broken and even if devs fix it, the changes came out so-so.

I think all the changes are good enough, it’s just a matter of adjusting tanks damage from maybe instead of 50% lower to 20%

They really hyped this up as some big new experience and there were only like, 3 changes to even play around with. The rest just feel horrible.

They’re aware some things are off and are working on an update soon

Where in this whole thing did you think this was a serious thing? This is some pro-players doing crap all. Some things might go through to live, but the vast majority of the changes will not.

It’s just an easy distraction. But cheer up because we might be getting some OW2 news this week!

I didn’t enjoy the tanks but I wouldn’t call it a failure. The purpose of exp is to test big changes that are unlikely to go live. The CCs used the card for its intended purpose, and I do respect the tank changes for trying something so radical. In fact I want to see more radical changes in exp like this. That’s why the card was created.

Balance and overall implementation could’ve been better. 20 to 30% dmg nerf on tanks would’ve been more palatable (even if it meant less survivability buffs). Hog’s new design needed more work because instead of merely encouraging team play, it forced it. 3 buffs for being in proximity of allies meant too much of his power and value were tied to positioning – or more specifically where his allies chose to position. This stripped away his flexibility and reduced him to a binary hero, where playing with your team was now objectively correct and playing elsewhere was throwing.

But the patch served its purpose as an ambitious experiment okay, and Blizzard already has their own vision for Brawler balance anyway. Not everyone had fun with the patch but considering that our options for content were either this or nothing, it’s hard to complain. :rofl: Hell if even a couple of the good changes go live, then I’d consider the exp patch a success.

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Its not going to be for the real game right? It’s a really funny April fools joke but there is no way they would turn the game on its head for no reason just because some troll YouTubers told them to.

Idk but a lot of people (including me and most of my friends) like the changes. It literally brought me back from not playimg the game after a year.

I tried the live but didnt last more than a couple of match before going back to the ExC. And once its gone Ill prob stop playing OW again.

If this card had any intention of going to live then sure it would be a failure. But did anyone stop to consider for one second that this card is for a silly tournament and not to be taken seriously?

Apart from the Cassidy changes, those can come in. Without the fire rate buff please and thank you.

Changing heroes in an extreme way helps developers to learn the effect that certain extreme changes will have in balance.

To call it a failure is a joke.

If the experimental was a “failure” in terms of balance. That means it was a success in terms of knowledge gained by devs.

How is this so hard for people to understand

Young brains are not fully developed until about 21, so there’s that… literally conceptualizing certain distinctions like this is hard for them. Also, I think the XP card should remain for as long as possible… its fun and no reason for it to go down.

Fair enough.

Every experimental is a success due to the invaluable data gained from changes.

Every change good or bad is a successful “experiment”

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Mei can duel Pharah now tho.

I must have missed something. What are you getting at?

Real talk I care so little about the quality of the changes, they made good ones and bad ones, but the fact is that this game now plays SO different to the overwatch Ive known for some 2 years and at this point Ill take anything. ANYTHING that massive is a good change to me, because it means we arent stuck with the same old stagnant dead game. The changes brought so many people back out that queue times for DPS were actually decent.

And I adore the tank changes, obviously theyre rough and some are just incorrect but the fact that it moves away from letting tanks hard carry with raw dps and changes their carry potential to being about how hard you can mess with enemy dps gives them an actual role in a fight that isnt just “kill harder”

We no longer have a redundant overlap where you have DPS and the off tank fat dps like zar and hog. Hog had his oneshot removed by decision years ago, but people just found out how to do again and Blizz in Blizz fashion never touched the game again

I love the speed changes too, because with all the buffs to tank survivability and peelability it isnt as easy to get picks so now long fights last is longer, yet everyone is faster so the game plays more quickly. Its INTERESTING and something different from the stagnant moldy Overwatch we’ve been playing for 3 years while blizzard touched women and promised Overwatch 2 will fix everything and its just around the corner, we swear guys for real this time!